Free Do-It-Yourself Workshop – Osceola Garage Helps People on Tight Budgets

Make Your Car Last Longer with Preventive Maintenance

Baldwin Place, NY – April 24, 2012 – The economic conditions in the past few years have changed the way people spend their money, they want to see more value and will budget accordingly.  Contrary to what many believe, consumers are very selective and are looking for ways to perform minor auto repairs themselves.  Osceola Garage is offering a free Do-It-Yourself workshop which guides the consumer to properly maintain their vehicle and to learn how to spot problems before they turn into bigger issues.

Our goal is simply to promote that preventive maintenance services must be performed in order to drive a reliable vehicle to keep you and your family safe on the road today.   The DIY workshop is being held on Saturday, May 19, from 2-4pm; Route 118 Baldwin Place, NY and will focus on simple DIY maintenance such as: changing wiper blades, changing a tire, oil change and many more great DIY auto repair maintenance.  This concept is not exclusively directed to the DIY market, but to all consumers that fit our target market.  For this reason we will hold Do-It-Yourself clinic’s year round.

We will show the complexity in performing some of these services, having to need certain tools and expertise, which will lead to the realization that most people won’t be able to perform these services and will still need to bring their car to a professional for most services and repairs.     At Osceola Garage we have always fostered the term the “good guys”, looking out for the best interest of our customers and consumers.

In addition; we will sell service items and additives at discounted prices for those who want to perform certain services themselves. And, just for attending the workshop everyone will receive a special discount card for any future preventive maintenance service, a free car care booklet, a tire pressure gauge, plus other discount offerings.

Driving a properly maintained vehicle is important to the safety of you and your family.  Join Osceola Garage on Saturday, May 19th from 2-4pm and learn how to Do-It-Yourself and save money.

Osceola Garage is Putnam and Northern Westchester’s County’s premier Automotive Car Care Service Center, located at Route 118, Baldwin Place, off Route 6 Mahopac, NY.  Joe Marconi has been in the industry for over 30 years and offers to the community a convenient, professional, ethical auto service center that is driven by its dedication to customer service.

Osceola Garage understands that the two most important assets of the company are its customers and employees.  We strive to be at the forefront of automotive technology and service industry; our company will explore all aspects of this changing automotive industry and create new and exciting programs for our customers and the best work environment for its employees.

For more information about this event, please contact Osceola Garage at 845-628-7900 or contact us at [email protected].  Reserve your seat today, seating is limited.


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