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Osceola Garage Has Been Green For Years

We at Osceola Garage understand that as a business we have a responsibility to our community and to the planet. Being green conscience is not new for us, we have doing our part for years. Here are some of the things Osceola Garage is doing to help to protect our environment:

  • Fluid recycling: All fluids removed from your vehicle are recycled: Engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and differential fluid.
  • Used Oil for Heat: Osceola Garage has invested in a used oil heater to help heat our facility. Burning used oil for heat reduces the demand on needing to purchase heating oil.
  • Batteries: When a new battery is installed in your car, the old battery is returned to the factory where it is processed and all the elements of the battery are recycled.
  • Tires: All worn tires are recycled
  • Scrap metal: Your vehicle is assembled using many different types of metals: steel, cooper, aluminum, brass, etc. All metals are separated and recycled. 
  • Part Recycling and Remanufacturing: Many vehicle parts are removed and sent back to the factory to be remanufacturer and used again. This saves you money on future part’s purchase and also helps saves the planet.
  • Parts Cleaning Solvents:  All solvents and chemicals used to clean your engine and other components are environmentally friendly and recycled. 
  • Promoting Vehicle Maintenance: Our maintenance programs not only save you money, but help keep the environment clean. Having a properly tuned car saves fuel and pollutes less. 
  • Shop Rages and Uniforms: Our shop rags and uniforms are cleaned using environmentally friendly products
  • Facility Maintenance: Osceola Garage does not wash its floor using any harmful chemicals. In fact, we use a solid compound to absorb all oils, grease and other liquids, which is then recycled. No contaminates ever reaches the environment or ground water. 
  • Windshields, Glass and Other Body Components:  All windshields, glass and nearly every body part is recycled, to be used again in the manufacturing of new vehicles and other products.

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44 Route 118, Baldwin Place (Mahopac), NY 10505. Serving the areas of Yorktown, Somers, Jefferson Valley, Mahopac, Putnam, Mohegan Lake, Mahopac Falls, Putnam Valley, Carmel, Brewster, Cold Spring, Garrison, Patterson, Pawling, Southeast, Kent, Shenerock, Lincolndale and Shrub Oak since 1980. Our auto mechanics and automotive technicians are ASE trained professionals.

Our auto and car repair services include: Oil change and lubrication, Synthetic Oil change service, Major Service Maintenance, Cooling system service, Transmission Service, Brake Work, Suspension/ Steering Service, Air Conditioner Service, Wheel Alignment, New York State Inspections, Brake fluid flush, Power steering flush, Fuel injection / Air induction Engine Oil System Flush, Belts and hoses.

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