Taking Your Vehicle Out of Storage

 Things to be Aware of After Storing Your car for the Winter

Many people choose not to use their car for the winter months, and many store their car while they travel to warmer weather.  Now that the spring is here, most will want to use their car again. Here are a few things to consider before you take to the road.

First, if the battery was not maintained with a battery charger, it may not start the car and the battery may have to be charged or jumped started. Depending on how old the battery is, the battery may be depleted to a point where it needs to be replaced.

Tires normally loose pressure over time, so a pressure check of the tires should be performed. Any tire or tires that are low on pressure should be adjusted to the correct pressure before the car is driven. Driving the car with low tire pressure can result in tire damage and/or tire failure.

Before the engine is started, check all under hood fluid levels, lights, wiper blade function and all other accessories.  You don’t want to find out on the road that the wipers or signals are not working.

Have the air conditioner/heater filter inspected.  Any debris in the filter may have decomposed over time and emit a smell when the air conditioner or heater is turned on.  Plus, bacterial growth is not healthy for the occupants to breathe.

One last tip, you should set up an appointment with your service professional to have a quick safety inspection, just to make sure your car is in tip top shape and ready the road.

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