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NBA Preseason: An Exciting Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Season

The NBA preseason is well underway, captivating basketball fans worldwide. From September 28 to October 12, basketball enthusiasts have the opportunity to witness some of the best players in the world in action. While the stars may have limited playing time during the preseason, there are still plenty of reasons to tune in and get excited about the upcoming regular season.

New Faces and Promising Talents

The preseason showcases new faces in new places, with one standout being LeBron James in his Lakers jersey. At 33 years old, James continues to amaze as he gels with his young Lakers teammates. Despite his limited minutes, he still displays that same LeBron James magic, with excellent chemistry alongside new teammate Rajon Rondo.

Another notable trade during the offseason was the DeMar DeRozan and Kawhi Leonard swap. DeRozan, now a member of the San Antonio Spurs, had a fairly pedestrian first outing, while Leonard, returning from injury, has shown promising moments with the Toronto Raptors. Leonard’s addition instantly elevates the Raptors’ defensive capabilities, making them one of the top contenders in that area.

Exciting Newcomers and Rising Stars

The preseason also introduces us to promising rookies and rising stars. DeAndre Ayton, the first overall pick, has lived up to expectations, and Luka Doncic is proving to be a versatile player. Other young talents like Collin Sexton of the Cavaliers, Kevin Knox of the New York Knicks, and Trae Young, who has been showcasing his distributing skills, are all making their mark.

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Other Noteworthy NBA Updates

In other NBA news, Jimmy Butler remains with the Minnesota Timberwolves as the team explores potential trade options. Additionally, Andre Roberson of the Oklahoma City Thunder has re-aggravated his injury, likely sidelining him for another two months.

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  1. Q: Who are the standout players to watch in the NBA preseason?

    • A: LeBron James in his Lakers jersey and Kawhi Leonard with the Toronto Raptors are two players to keep an eye on during the preseason.
  2. Q: Which rookies are making an impact in the preseason?

    • A: DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Collin Sexton, Kevin Knox, and Trae Young are among the rookies who have shown promise during the preseason.


The NBA preseason is in full swing, providing fans with a taste of what’s to come in the regular season. With new faces in new places, rising stars, and exciting rookies, there is no shortage of excitement on the court. Keep up with all the latest NBA news and updates on and get ready for an action-packed season ahead.

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