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2018 NCAA Final Four Preview: The Basketball Movement

The road to the Final Four is coming to an end with only four teams left standing. While some teams were expected to make it this far, there are always surprises in the NCAA tournament.

Villanova: The Team to Beat

Villanova has been dominant throughout the tournament, winning every game by double digits. They have a balanced attack and can shoot the three-pointer with precision. But it’s not just their shooting that makes them dangerous; they have the looks of a champion and are ready to claim the title.

Kansas: A Tradition-Rich Team

Kansas had a nail-biting overtime win against Duke to secure their spot in the Final Four. As a 1-seed, they have high aspirations and are now set to face Villanova in a matchup that many predicted. This tradition-rich team is determined to make it to the championship game.

Michigan: A Strong Contender

Michigan may not be the biggest surprise in the tournament, but they have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent. They won the Big 10 tournament and have defeated tough opponents along the way. Now they face an 11-seed team, and while they should not be underestimated, Michigan has their sights set on the championship game.

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Loyola-Chicago: The Underdog Story

Loyola-Chicago has been the underdog in every game they have played. As an 11-seed, they have defied the odds and captured the hearts of basketball fans across the nation. With impressive wins against strong opponents, Loyola-Chicago is just one game away from a historic appearance in the national championship.

Women’s Bracket

In the women’s bracket, Mississippi State and Louisville have secured their spots in the Final Four. While their opponents were unexpected, these 1-seed teams are ready to battle it out for a chance at the championship. The other two Final Four teams will be determined tonight, with heavy-favorite UConn looking unstoppable and Notre Dame facing tough competition from Oregon.

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Q: Who are the favorites to win the 2018 NCAA Final Four?
A: Villanova and Kansas are the favorites, but Michigan and Loyola-Chicago have shown they are strong contenders.

Q: How did Loyola-Chicago become the underdog story of the tournament?
A: Loyola-Chicago has been the underdog in every game they have played and have overcome the odds to make it to the Final Four.

Q: Which teams are competing in the women’s Final Four?
A: Mississippi State, Louisville, and two teams yet to be determined will be competing in the women’s Final Four.


The 2018 NCAA Final Four is shaping up to be an exciting showdown. Villanova, Kansas, Michigan, and Loyola-Chicago have all fought their way to this point and are determined to claim the championship. In the women’s bracket, Mississippi State and Louisville have secured their spots, with two more teams yet to be determined. Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement for all the latest updates and analysis as we continue to celebrate the greatest sport on Earth.

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