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Tonight: The 2019 NBA Draft — The Basketball Movement

Even after the 2019 NBA Finals came to a close, the buzz around the Association continues with trades, rumors, and anticipation for the upcoming NBA Draft. Basketball has truly become a year-round event for many of us, with the NBA capturing our attention 365 days a year.

Trades have been pouring in, capturing the focus of fans everywhere. The recent blockbuster trade sending superstar Anthony Davis to the Lakers for several players and picks greatly impacts tonight’s draft. With the number four overall pick, the Lakers’ trade partner, the New Orleans Pelicans, have the opportunity to select another impressive talent to pair with the consensus top-talent, Zion Williamson.

The Grizzlies and Knicks hold the second and third picks, respectively, and are expected to choose between prospects Ja Morant and RJ Barrett. However, it’s important to note that mock drafts can change as teams often make last-minute decisions.

The NBA Draft is a momentous occasion for these young players, as it brings them one step closer to their ultimate basketball dreams. It will be fascinating to witness how everything unfolds, as trades are expected throughout the night. Regardless of the outcome, we wish these aspiring athletes the best as they continue their journey in pursuit of their basketball dreams.

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NBA Draft

These player rankings are subject to speculation, and it’s common for teams to make last-minute changes. As the night progresses, we can expect further trades and surprises. It’s important to remember that not all 60 players selected will immediately join the NBA, as many may begin their careers in the G-League or other leagues. Nevertheless, this is a significant step forward for these athletes, and we congratulate them on their achievements.


Q: What is the NBA Draft?

A: The NBA Draft is an annual event where NBA teams select eligible players to join their leagues. It is an opportunity for teams to strengthen their rosters by adding talented young players.

Q: How are draft picks determined?

A: The NBA Draft Lottery determines the order for the first round of picks, with the teams with the worst records having a higher chance of securing a higher pick. The remaining picks are determined by reverse order of the previous season’s standings.

Q: How many rounds are there in the NBA Draft?

A: The NBA Draft consists of two rounds, with a total of 60 players being selected.


The 2019 NBA Draft is set to be an exciting event as teams look to secure top talent for their rosters. With the Lakers’ trade sending Anthony Davis to the Pelicans, the number four overall pick is now in New Orleans’ hands, offering them the opportunity to pair another impressive player with Zion Williamson. The Grizzlies and Knicks hold the second and third picks and are expected to choose between Ja Morant and RJ Barrett. As the draft unfolds, trades and surprises are likely to occur. Nevertheless, all selected players will move one step closer to their basketball dreams. Let’s enjoy the event and support these aspiring athletes as they embark on their professional basketball journeys.

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