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Around the NBA: Updated Power Rankings — The Basketball Movement

The world of professional basketball is an unmatched source of talent, inspiration, and entertainment. At The Basketball Movement, we closely monitor the National Basketball Association (NBA) to learn from the best and enjoy the incredible action that unfolds on the court.

To keep you informed about the highest level of basketball, we regularly update our power rankings of the top 15 NBA teams. These rankings take into account factors such as team records, winning streaks, and injuries to star players. However, we also factor in the “eye test” to assess a team’s overall performance.

Our recently updated rankings reveal significant changes in the NBA landscape compared to earlier in the 2021-22 season. To stay up to date with the latest rankings, visit our NBA page. And for a comprehensive look at all things NBA, continue to rely on The Basketball Movement for the latest news and insights.


Q: How often are the power rankings updated?
A: Our power rankings are updated regularly, typically every few weeks, to reflect the current state of the NBA.

Q: What criteria are considered when ranking teams?
A: We consider factors such as team records, winning streaks, injuries to star players, and overall performance to determine the rankings.

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Q: Where can I find the updated rankings?
A: You can find the latest rankings on our NBA page. Visit the page to see how your favorite teams stack up against the competition.


Discover the latest power rankings for NBA teams at The Basketball Movement. As the premier source for basketball insights and updates, we keep a close eye on the NBA to deliver accurate and timely assessments of team performance. Our rankings consider various factors, including team records, winning streaks, and the “eye test.” Stay informed and engaged with the NBA by visiting our NBA page and relying on The Basketball Movement for expert analysis.

Visit The Basketball Movement for more information and updates.

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