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Are Automatic Car Washes Harmful?

Car Washes and Detailing
We all know how time-consuming it is to wash your own car and quite frankly such a hassle, so we all choose to go to an automatic car wash instead. However, despite the convenience, those car washes can do more harm than good to your car. Here’s how:

Recycled water 

Not all automatic car washes use a purification system to remove contaminants, and not all are 100 percent efficient.  And, the results can cause scratches to the surface of your car as it is washed.

We at Osceola Garage use only fresh clean water that is filtered and recycled, which is safe for your car and safe for the environment.

Harsh chemicals

Cheap cleaning agents are sometimes used at car washes and using these harsh chemicals can over time, erode your car’s paint and wax.

We at Osceola Garage use the best products from Simonize. These products are applied by hand and will not harm your car. In fact, they will protect your car

Is all dirt removed properly?

Automatic car washes don’t necessarily remove all the dirt from your vehicle especially with trouble spots like underneath your vehicle. So attention to those areas is important to get rid of grime from your vehicle as opposed to a buildup of dirt and grime that really never get properly removed.

We at Osceola Garage clean all vehicles by hand.  We pay attention to the details and make sure that every inch of your car is cleaned the way it should be.

Drying your vehicle

As we all have seen, the heated air does not dry off all the water from your vehicle and generates spots and streaks when you drive off.  Many car washes have a staff to wipe down your vehicle and have you notice many use the same cloth on the vehicle before yours, also their clothes can be abrasive which can scratch the paint on your vehicle.

We at Osceola Garage use clean soft towels with every car, and we use a special air blower that ensures no water spots are left on your car’s exterior.

What we do differently? We pay attention to details and ensure that you are completely satisfied!

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