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Bleacher Report: Ranking Top 50 Prospects as College Basketball Tips Off

The college basketball season is upon us, and with it comes a fresh crop of talented players ready to make their mark on the court. Bleacher Report has released its rankings of the top 50 prospects, showcasing the future stars of the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the players featured on the list, highlighting their strengths, areas for improvement, and potential impact on their teams.

Eric Gaines (UAB, PG/SG, Junior)

Gaines may need to work on his shooting, but his explosive ball-handling skills, ability to break down defenses, and knack for forcing turnovers make him a player worth keeping an eye on. With patience and development, he has the potential to become a game-changer for UAB.

Kevin McCullar (Kansas, SG/SF, Senior)

A transfer from Texas Tech, McCullar has the opportunity to showcase his skills on a title-contending Kansas team. Scouts have noted his potential as a role player, especially with his passing and defensive abilities. As he takes on a more prominent role, expect his three-point shooting to improve.

DaRon Holmes (Dayton, PF/C, Sophomore)

Holmes has the chance to move up in the rankings if he continues to show improvement in his skills, particularly with his shooting and jumpers. His elite finishing and shot-blocking abilities already make him a valuable asset on the court.

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Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana, PF/C, Senior)

Jackson-Davis may have a traditional style of play, but he remains an effective finisher and post cover. His ability to score with both hands and utilize his counters makes him a tough matchup for opponents.

Emoni Bates (Eastern Michigan, SF, Sophomore)

Bates may have some questions surrounding his maturity and decision-making, but his perimeter scoring package and height make him a player with immense potential. Although he may face challenges due to his thin frame, his shooting ability can compensate for any finishing difficulties.

Jordan Hawkins (Connecticut, SG, Sophomore)

Hawkins has generated high expectations with his athletic finishes and shot-making abilities. While he needs to improve as a creator, his high release point on his jumper and ability to navigate traffic towards the rim make him an exciting prospect.

Nolan Hickman (Gonzaga, PG, Sophomore)

Taking over the point guard position for Gonzaga, Hickman has an opportunity to showcase his craftiness and playmaking abilities. Additionally, he demonstrated promise as a three-point shooter in high school, and this year he can prove that his shooting percentage from last season was an anomaly.

Jalen Bridges (Baylor, SF, Junior)

As a transfer from West Virginia, Bridges will have a chance to shine on a talented Baylor team. His athleticism, catch-and-shoot threes, and defensive playmaking make him an ideal fit in any supporting role at the next level.

Yohan Traore (Auburn, PF/C, Freshman)

Traore has shown impressive development in his shooting, making him a legitimate threat from mid-range and beyond the arc. This adds another dimension to his game as a high-energy and physically imposing big man.

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Trevon Brazile (Arkansas, PF/C, Sophomore)

Brazile’s size, athleticism, and motor contribute to his productivity on both ends of the court. With improved shooting confidence and face-up moves, he has the potential to attract attention from NBA scouts. Keep an eye on him as he showcases his skills with a talented Arkansas team.

These players represent just a glimpse of the top prospects in college basketball this season. As the season unfolds, their performances and development will be closely monitored. Stay tuned for more updates on the rising stars of the game.


Q: Who are some of the top prospects in college basketball this season?
A: Among the top prospects this season are Eric Gaines (UAB), Kevin McCullar (Kansas), DaRon Holmes (Dayton), Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana), Emoni Bates (Eastern Michigan), Jordan Hawkins (Connecticut), Nolan Hickman (Gonzaga), Jalen Bridges (Baylor), Yohan Traore (Auburn), and Trevon Brazile (Arkansas).

Q: What are some areas for improvement for these prospects?
A: Some areas for improvement include shooting consistency, decision-making, skill development, and overall maturity. These players have immense potential and are working on refining their game to reach the next level.

Q: Which players have the potential to make the biggest impact on their teams?
A: Players like Eric Gaines (UAB), Kevin McCullar (Kansas), and Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana) have the potential to be key contributors and play a significant role in the success of their respective teams.


As the college basketball season kicks off, Bleacher Report has released its rankings of the top 50 prospects. This article highlights some of the players featured on the list, discussing their strengths, areas for improvement, and potential impact on their teams. From explosive ball-handlers to dominant post players, these prospects have the skills to make waves in the world of college basketball. Keep an eye on their development as they strive to reach their full potential. For more updates and news on college basketball, visit

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