Thursday, 23 May 2024

Doc Rivers Loses Front Office Job with LA Clippers

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers, the esteemed coach of the LA Clippers since 2013, will now be focusing solely on coaching the team. This decision comes as the Clippers relieve Rivers of his front-office role. With a record of 217-111 in four seasons in Los Angeles, Rivers will now be tasked with keeping the Clippers among the Western Conference elite. He was instrumental in the sign-and-trade deal that sent star point guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets this past summer.

The Clippers released a statement regarding the change, emphasizing the team’s pursuit of excellence. Owner Steve Ballmer and Rivers had discussions leading to this new direction for the organization. The statement declared that Lawrence Frank would assume responsibility for basketball operations, while Rivers continues to serve as the head coach. Both will report directly to Ballmer, working closely together to lead the Clippers towards their goal of an NBA championship.

Ballmer expressed his confidence in Rivers’ ability to win championships and integrate new players with the existing roster. He described Frank as someone he learns from and praised his expertise in recruiting, talent development, and salary cap strategy. Ballmer believes having two independent voices and professionals working in partnership will position the team for success.

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Rivers expressed his commitment to the Clippers’ success and his excitement to focus on coaching, especially with the majority of the roster being new. Frank also shared his enthusiasm for continuing to invest in the front office, emphasizing their shared vision for taking the Clippers to the next level.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the move will allow Rivers to concentrate fully on coaching, relieving him of front office responsibilities. Rivers will, however, still have a strong voice in personnel and organizational matters. Frank, who has a strong personal and professional relationship with Rivers, will now oversee basketball operations, including the general manager position. Both will directly report to Ballmer.

Ballmer explained his decision, recognizing that running a franchise and coaching are two distinct and demanding roles. To build a championship franchise, he believes there needs to be healthy discussion and debate with two capable individuals dedicated to their respective areas. Ballmer expressed his desire for a world-class front office that excels in identifying talent, working with agents, and developing long-term strategies based on analytics.

The Clippers’ decision to separate the roles of president and coach aligns them with the Atlanta Hawks, who made a similar move by removing Mike Budenholzer from the president-coach role and shifting basketball operations authority to their general manager. The remaining organizations with a coach in ultimate decision-making authority are the San Antonio Spurs (Gregg Popovich), Detroit Pistons (Stan Van Gundy), and Minnesota Timberwolves (Tom Thibodeau).

As the Clippers embark on a season with a two-thirds new lineup, the focus will be on integrating everyone to create a cohesive and successful team.

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Q: Why did the LA Clippers remove Doc Rivers from his front office role?
A: The LA Clippers decided to relieve Doc Rivers of his front-office responsibilities to allow him to concentrate fully on coaching the team. This move was seen as an opportunity to maximize Rivers’ expertise in coaching and leadership.

Q: Who will assume the basketball operations leadership role for the LA Clippers?
A: Lawrence Frank will assume responsibility for basketball operations for the LA Clippers. He will work closely with Doc Rivers, who will serve as the team’s head coach. Both Frank and Rivers will report directly to owner Steve Ballmer.

Q: How will this change positively impact the LA Clippers?
A: This change aims to bring the LA Clippers to a new level of excellence by creating separate roles for coaching leadership and basketball operations leadership. By allowing Doc Rivers to focus solely on coaching, the Clippers hope to maintain their status as one of the Western Conference’s elite teams.


The LA Clippers have made the decision to relieve Doc Rivers of his front-office role and allow him to focus solely on coaching the team. Lawrence Frank will assume responsibility for basketball operations, working closely with Rivers. Both will report directly to owner Steve Ballmer. This change aims to bring the Clippers to a new level of excellence by creating clear leadership roles. It allows Rivers to fully focus on coaching and integrating the new players into the team. The Clippers hope that this decision will lead them to continued success and ultimately an NBA championship. Visit for more information.

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