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Probably too early NCAAM BPI rankings — The Basketball Movement

The NCAA men’s college basketball season is just under 100 days away, and the excitement is already building. ESPN recently released some summertime BPI rankings for men’s college hoops, giving fans a glimpse into what the upcoming season might look like. While it’s still early, these rankings have proven to be quite predictive in the past, making them a valuable tool to assess the teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

What are BPI rankings?

The BPI rankings are unique because they take into account a variety of factors that can influence a team’s potential. These factors include the quality and quantity of returning players, including transfers and players who missed last season due to injury. The rankings also consider recruiting rankings, both overall and the number of five-star prospects, as well as the coaches’ past performances on offense and defense.

According to Jeff Borzello, an ESPN Staff Writer, “The preseason rankings are based on the following categories: the quality and quantity of the returning players on the team, including transfers and players who missed last season because of injury; recruiting rankings, both overall and the number of five-star prospects; and coaches’ past performances on offense and defense.”

Surprising Rankings

It’s important to note that the rankings are weighted on returning talent, which can lead to some surprising results. This means that teams like Kentucky and Duke, which typically have a strong recruiting class, may not be at the top of the rankings. Instead, other teams like Marquette, West Virginia, Syracuse, and Wisconsin have caught the attention of the BPI model. Marquette and West Virginia, in particular, have impressed with their offense and coaching style, while Wisconsin and Syracuse rely on their returning talent.

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Below is the top 25 of the BPI rankings, as reported by ESPN:

  1. [Team 1]
  2. [Team 2]
  3. [Team 3]
  4. [Team 4]
  5. [Team 5]
  6. [Team 6]
  7. [Team 7]
  8. [Team 8]
  9. [Team 9]
  10. [Team 10]
  11. [Team 11]
  12. [Team 12]
  13. [Team 13]
  14. [Team 14]
  15. [Team 15]
  16. [Team 16]
  17. [Team 17]
  18. [Team 18]
  19. [Team 19]
  20. [Team 20]
  21. [Team 21]
  22. [Team 22]
  23. [Team 23]
  24. [Team 24]
  25. [Team 25]

Please note that these rankings are subject to change as the season approaches, and new information becomes available.

The Excitement Builds

It’s always fascinating to speculate about the upcoming college basketball season, especially with the BPI rankings shedding light on potential contenders. While the rankings may not account for every factor, such as Duke’s influx of young talent, they provide a valuable starting point for discussions and analysis.

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