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Shooting: Extending Your Range in Basketball

In today’s game, shooting has become an essential skill for all basketball players. Are you ready to take your shot from beyond the three-point line? Let’s explore how you can develop your shooting range and become a threat from long-distance.

In the past, three-point shooting was mainly reserved for point guards and shooting guards, while post players were discouraged from attempting shots beyond the 16-18 feet range from the rim. However, the game has evolved. Big players are getting faster, improving their ball-handling skills, and demonstrating finesse in their shooting abilities. Even guards now need to be proficient shooters to keep up with these versatile players.

It’s natural for players to think that the grass is greener on the other side. Shooters often envy powerful dunkers, and vice versa (although some players excel at both). Most players dream of draining threes from anywhere on the court, just like Steph Curry.

However, becoming a skilled shooter, especially from long range, requires years of dedicated practice. You don’t start by shooting deep threes right away. You need to master shooting from close range, progressing from shots in the paint to mid-range jumpers before attempting deep two-pointers. Finally, once you have a solid foundation, you can expand your range to three-point shooting.

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To determine if you have the potential to be a three-point shooter, it’s important to consider your coach’s guidance. If they instruct you to stay in the paint and focus on other skills, follow their advice during practice sessions. However, if you want to expand your game, you may need to put in extra work on your own. Find a gym that offers resources like a basketball shooting gun to assist you in your journey.

Basketball Shooting

As mentioned before, developing your shooting range takes time. Start by practicing mid-range jumpers from various spots on the court until you feel comfortable and efficient. Once you’ve mastered this range, you can reward yourself with some three-point shots. However, it’s crucial to practice the right way to ensure proper form and technique.

The Basketball Movement is here to support your journey. Whether you’re a young player looking to build strength or an experienced player aiming to extend your range, our expert guidance can assist you in developing the correct shooting form, focus point, and situational awareness. Contact The Basketball Movement to get started on your shooting development.

Remember, outside shooting may not be everyone’s strength, and that’s okay. If it doesn’t work out for you, focus on other skills that make you the best player you can be. Each player possesses unique abilities that can contribute to their team’s success. Keep grinding, focus on your strengths, and continue striving to improve.


Q: How long does it take to become a proficient shooter from long range?
A: Developing a consistent shooting touch from beyond the three-point line takes time and dedication. It varies for each individual, but it typically requires years of practice to become a proficient shooter from long range.

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Q: Can strength training help improve my shooting range?
A: Yes, building strength can positively impact your shooting range. As you become stronger, you’ll be able to generate more power and stability in your shooting motion, allowing you to shoot from longer distances.

Q: How can I practice shooting the right way?
A: Practicing shooting the right way involves focusing on proper form, technique, and repetition. Seek guidance from experienced coaches or training programs like The Basketball Movement to ensure you’re practicing with correct shooting mechanics and developing effective shooting habits.


Developing your shooting range in basketball is crucial in today’s game. To become a three-point threat, you need to progress gradually, starting with shots in the paint and gradually extending your range to mid-range jumpers and eventually three-point shots. The Basketball Movement offers expert guidance for players of all skill levels, helping them develop proper shooting form, focus, and situational awareness. Remember, shooting from long range may not be suitable for everyone, but focusing on your strengths and continuous improvement will make you a valuable asset to your team. Contact The Basketball Movement to start your shooting development journey today.

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