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Fantasy Basketball Risers & Sleepers: Guards

New talent is constantly emerging in the NBA, as older players exit their prime and younger ones step into the spotlight. In the rush to draft the next big thing, valuable players are often overlooked. However, for those who are savvy, there are hidden gems to be found. In this article, we will highlight some guards who fall into the categories of risers and sleepers.


Mikal Bridges, Nets

Bridges started last season on the Suns before being traded to the Nets in the Kevin Durant deal. In Brooklyn, he became the top scoring option and showcased his ability to create his own shot. Bridges’ improved mid-range jumper became a crucial part of his game, and he also showed more aggression by getting to the free-throw line frequently. With a 27-year-old Bridges entering his prime, he is poised to have a high-usage season and has been drawing interest from fantasy managers in early drafts.

Jordan Poole, Wizards

After a rollercoaster ride with the Warriors, Poole is now with the Wizards, where he will have his biggest role yet. In the absence of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Poole has demonstrated his ability to thrive with increased touches. With a higher usage rate, Poole has shown glimpses of his potential as a scorer and playmaker. Now, with a fresh start in Washington, he has the opportunity to be the team’s go-to player.

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Desmond Bane, Grizzlies

Bane had a breakout season, showcasing his scoring and playmaking abilities. With Ja Morant suspended and Dillon Brooks no longer on the roster, Bane is expected to step up and fill the usage gap. Although Marcus Smart will also play a facilitating role, Bane will be a key playmaker for the Grizzlies. His performance last season without Morant and Brooks highlighted his potential to be a reliable scorer for Memphis.


Collin Sexton, Jazz

Sexton’s past two seasons have been challenging due to injuries. However, with a fresh start in Utah, there is optimism that he can regain his previous form. Sexton has shown glimpses of mid-round fantasy value in the past and could be worth considering as a late-round flier in drafts.

Malcolm Brogdon, Blazers

Brogdon finds himself on a rebuilding Portland team with a deep backcourt. While his role is uncertain, Brogdon has proven to be a reliable backup guard who can produce when given the opportunity. If he receives more playing time, his fantasy value could increase significantly.

Gary Trent, Raptors

Trent had a slight regression last season but has the potential for a bounce-back year. With the departure of Fred VanVleet, Trent has the opportunity to take on a larger role in the Raptors’ backcourt. His three-point shooting and defensive contributions make him a valuable fantasy asset.


Q: What makes a player a “riser” or a “sleeper” in fantasy basketball?
A: A “riser” is a player who is expected to see increased production and have a breakout season. A “sleeper” is a player who is undervalued and has the potential to outperform expectations.

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Q: How can I identify potential risers and sleepers in fantasy basketball?
A: Researching player performances, analyzing team dynamics, and keeping an eye on offseason moves can help identify potential risers and sleepers. Additionally, paying attention to preseason performances and training camp reports can provide insights into players who may exceed expectations.


In this article, we highlighted several guards who fall into the categories of risers and sleepers in fantasy basketball. Players like Mikal Bridges, Jordan Poole, and Desmond Bane are expected to see increased roles and have breakout seasons. On the other hand, players like Collin Sexton, Malcolm Brogdon, and Gary Trent have the potential to outperform expectations and provide value to fantasy managers. By considering these players in your drafts, you could gain a competitive advantage and secure key contributors for your fantasy basketball team. For more insights and analysis, visit and stay up to date with the latest fantasy basketball news.