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Fuel Mileage Low?

Have you noticed your fuel mileage lower than normal?

Many things can affect a decrease in fuel mileage: low tire pressure, dirty air filter and worn spark plugs are just a few.   Another reason could be a worn oxygen sensor. The Oxygen sensor is a critical computer sensor which continuously monitors your engine’s fuel and exhaust system so your car’s computer can properly keep your engine in tune, maximizing fuel economy and overall engine efficiency.

Oxygen sensors typically start to degrade after 80,000 miles. If the sensor has fails and stops working, the check engine light on your dashboard will illuminate.  If your check engine light is on due to a failed oxygen sensor, we can pinpoint the problem and replace the sensor, which could dramatically improve your fuel mileage – saving you money at the pump.

Preventive maintenance has a key role in extending the life of your car.  Keeping your car properly tuned will save fuel, save money at the pump and save the planet by polluting less harmful emissions.

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