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Get Your Car Ready for Summer Driving Fun!


As the country prepares for life after COVID, consumers want to get their lives back to normal, and that means that more and more people will be taking to the roadways this summer. We are already seeing an increase in traffic on the roads, which is a great sign.  All surveys indicate that more people will be using their cars this summer for vacation, weekend getaways and a lot more day trips.  With this in mind, my blog this month will review and focus on ensuring that your car is ready for the road.

How to Get Your Car Ready for the Road!

  • Make sure your car is up to date with scheduled preventive maintenance: With so many people working from home last year, and because of so many activities canceled due to COVID, many people did not use their cars a lot.  Not using your car can have damaging effects.  Before taking any road trip, please be sure to contact your auto repair professional and speak to them about needed preventive maintenance.  With regard to the Oil Change Service, if it’s been longer than six months, have the oil and filter changed, no matter how many miles have lapsed since the last oil change service was performed.


  • Tires: One of the most important safety components on your car are the tires.  Please be sure to have the tires inspected and also maintain the correct tire pressure.


  • Test your Air Conditioner: There is no doubt that there will hot days this summer and you’ll want to have a properly running air conditioner. Have an air conditioner performance test done by an automotive professional as soon as possible.


  • Wiper blades: Carefully inspect your wiper blades for worn rubber, tears, and streaking. If it’s been over one year, my advice is to replace the blades. A set of new blades really make a difference, especially on a dark rainy night.


  • Have your cabin filter inspected! The cabin filter is located in your car’s air condition and heater vent system. This filter traps contaminants from entering the car; essentially filtering the air you and your occupants breathe. For health reasons, this filter is one of the most important features in your car and is usually replaced about once a year.


  • Have your engine air filter inspected!  The air filter traps debris from entering your engine. A clean air filter will protect your engine and maintain engine performance and fuel economy.


  • Battery: Your car battery typically will last about 4 to 6 years. However, it can fail without warning. It’s a good idea to have the battery tested before you leave on your trip.


  • Perform a Pre-Trip Inspection Yourself: Here is a checklist you can do before you head out on your road trip:
    • □ Check all exterior lights
    • □ Check tire pressure
    • □ Check the oil level
    • □ Fill up the windshield washer fluid bottle
    • □ Do you have your cell phone, and charger?
    • □ Snacks, water bottles, first aid kit
    • □ List of emergency contacts
    • □ Check the weather forecast
    • □ Fill up the fuel tank
    • □ Blanket, flashlight, tire pressure gauge
    • □ Let friends and family know your trip itinerary
    • □ Games for the kids
    • □ Clear your trunk and leave room for things purchased on your trip


I hope you found these tips informative and useful. Stay tuned for next month’s blog.

Have a safe trip this summer!

Joe Marconi, owner Osceola Garage

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