Thursday, 23 May 2024

Hornets Select Brandon Miller with No. 2 Pick to Compliment LaMelo Ball

The Charlotte Hornets made an exciting pick in the NBA draft, selecting Brandon Miller from Alabama with the No. 2 pick. This 6-foot-9 wing player brings athleticism and a smooth shooting stroke to the team, making him a valuable asset on the perimeter. Despite some potential character questions, the Hornets chose Miller over Scoot Henderson from the NBA G League Ignite, who was also a top prospect.

Miller’s association with a legal case involving former Crimson Tide player Darius Miles and a capital murder charge raised some eyebrows. However, Miller himself has not been charged with any wrongdoing. It’s important to note that the ongoing case brought intense scrutiny to Miller and the Alabama program during the second half of the season.

The Hornets had their sights set on just two players leading up to the draft and ultimately selected the best player available. Miller’s skill set aligns well with the team’s needs, considering the current roster makeup. With veteran wing Gordon Hayward in the final year of his contract and restricted free agent Miles Bridges’ uncertain future, Miller brings immediate value to the team.

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Playing alongside LaMelo Ball, who is known for his exceptional passing abilities, should benefit Miller. The young prospect expressed his excitement about teaming up with Ball, referring to him as a “big brother away from home.” Miller’s shooting prowess adds depth to the Hornets, who struggled from beyond the arc last season.

Miller’s athleticism and size make him capable of defending multiple positions in the NBA. The Hornets hope that his addition, along with the recent ownership changes led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall, will help the team break their seven-year postseason drought. While Miller made headlines by naming Paul George as his personal GOAT, he also mentioned feeling at home in Charlotte thanks to his interactions with Michael Jordan during his second workout.

With Miller joining the Hornets, fans can look forward to an exciting and promising future for the team. His skills and potential, coupled with the talent already on the roster, offer a glimmer of hope for a successful season ahead.


Q: Why did the Charlotte Hornets select Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson in the NBA draft?

A: The Hornets chose Brandon Miller due to his athletic abilities, smooth shooting stroke, and his excellent fit with the current team roster. While Scoot Henderson was also a top prospect, Miller’s skill set aligned better with the needs of the team.

Q: Will Brandon Miller be able to improve the Hornets’ 3-point shooting?

A: Yes, Miller’s shooting abilities offer promise for the Hornets’ 3-point shooting. Last season, the team ranked 29th in the league in 3-pointers. Miller’s impressive shooting percentages at Alabama, especially from beyond the arc, make him a valuable addition to address this area of concern.

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Q: How does Brandon Miller’s addition impact the Hornets’ chances of reaching the postseason?

A: Miller’s addition brings depth and talent to the Hornets, giving them a better chance of breaking their seven-year postseason drought. With the right combination of young prospects and experienced players like LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward, the team has an opportunity to compete at a higher level.


The Charlotte Hornets made an exciting move in the NBA draft by selecting Brandon Miller from Alabama with the No. 2 pick. Miller’s athleticism, shooting abilities, and fit with the team’s roster made him the best choice for the Hornets. Despite some potential character questions, Miller’s skills and potential outweighed any concerns. Playing alongside LaMelo Ball, Miller’s shooting will complement Ball’s playmaking skills. Additionally, Miller’s defensive abilities and size make him a versatile player for the team. With Miller’s addition and recent ownership changes, the Hornets are hopeful for a successful season and a return to the playoffs.