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Horry Scale: Damian Lillard’s Incredible Buzzer-Beater

Damian Lillard, also known as “Dame Time,” made his mark on the court in Milwaukee with a stunning deep buzzer-beater. This game-winning shot showcased Lillard’s skill and clutch performance. Let’s break down the significance of this moment on the Horry Scale.

Game Situation

After a back-and-forth battle, the Milwaukee Bucks found themselves trailing by six points early in overtime. Lillard came through in the crucial moments, hitting a three-pointer and three free throws to give the Bucks a one-point lead with just over a minute left. However, the Kings managed to regain the advantage, setting the stage for Lillard’s heroics.


Lillard wasted no time, receiving an inbound pass from Brook Lopez and sprinting up the court with De’Aaron Fox trailing behind. With Domantas Sabonis unable to provide sufficient help, Lillard confidently crossed halfcourt, took a few dribbles, and launched a deep, left-fading three-pointer from just past the logo. The shot was virtually wide open and showcased Lillard’s remarkable shooting range.


As the ball swished through the net, the crowd erupted in excitement. Lillard celebrated his first game-winning buzzer-beater with the Bucks by displaying his signature “Dame Time” move, tapping his wrist to signify his ability to deliver in clutch moments. The jubilant scene continued as Lillard’s teammates mobbed him near halfcourt. Immersed in the electrifying atmosphere, Lillard later took a victory lap around the court, repeatedly tapping his wrist to remind fans of his impact.

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Final Grade: 3.5 Horrys

While the shot itself may not have been overly difficult, it capped off an intense contest filled with momentum swings. For Bucks fans, it will forever be a memorable moment as Lillard’s first game-winning buzzer-beater in Milwaukee coincided with the Green Bay Packers’ dominant playoff upset in Dallas. This iconic shot solidifies Lillard’s arrival in “Dame Time.”

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Q: How did Damian Lillard’s buzzer-beater impact the game?
A: Lillard’s buzzer-beater sealed the victory for the Milwaukee Bucks, lifting them over the Sacramento Kings. The shot proved pivotal in a closely contested matchup.

Q: How many points did Damian Lillard score in this game?
A: Lillard contributed 29 points to the Bucks’ overall score, showcasing his offensive prowess.

Q: Has Damian Lillard hit game-winning shots before?
A: Yes, Lillard has a reputation for delivering in clutch moments. This buzzer-beater adds to his impressive portfolio of game-winning shots.


Damian Lillard’s deep buzzer-beater in Milwaukee left spectators in awe. As the Bucks fought to regain the lead in overtime, Lillard seized the opportunity and drained a long-range shot to secure the victory. The celebration that followed, with Lillard’s trademark “Dame Time” move and the ensuing mob of teammates, further elevated the excitement. This momentous shot, although not overly challenging, served as a testament to Lillard’s ability to perform under pressure. It will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in his tenure with the Bucks. To witness more thrilling moments like this, join us at