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Horry Scale: De’Aaron Fox logo 3 overpowers Magic

The Horry Scale is back with another incredible game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) by De’Aaron Fox. Let’s break it down, considering the difficulty, game situation, importance, and celebration. Then we’ll give it an overall grade on the scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, named after the legendary clutch player.

Game Situation

One night after the first Horry Scale of the 2022-23 season, De’Aaron Fox delivered yet another spectacular performance. After banking in a game-tying shot in the final minute of regulation to force overtime, he went on to score three consecutive buckets to open the extra period. However, as the Kings tried to run out the clock with a two-point lead in the final seconds, Malik Monk found himself trapped in the corner, leading to a desperation pass intercepted by Chuma Okeke, who dunked in the tying points with 6.6 seconds remaining. With no timeout called, the inbound went to Fox, who raced up the court for the fateful shot.

— Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) November 5, 2022


The Kings, despite the heart-stopping turnover that nearly cost them the game, remained composed. Trey Lyles inbounded the ball to Harrison Barnes, who quickly handed it off to Fox. Showing no hesitation, Fox used his incredible speed to his advantage, sensing Jalen Suggs backing up and crossing left before pulling up with a textbook two-step as he reached midcourt. Although Suggs made a respectable contest, Fox’s shot, fired from the center of the Magic logo, dropped in cleanly.

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As the shot fell through the net, Fox watched it drop, turned, and let out a triumphant yell. He then rose into the air, spinning his shoulder to celebrate with Chuma Okeke. The rest of the team joined in, and the court was filled with smiles and shouts of joy.


The Kings, who started the season with four competitive losses, have now won three of their last four games. It appears that the lessons from their new head coach, Mike Brown, are quickly sinking in. The calm and composure displayed by the team, especially their standout point guard De’Aaron Fox, in those final moments were impressive. The fact that Fox not only had the confidence to take that shot but also made the decision independently could bode well for the Kings as they strive to end their playoff drought. This incredible play earns a solid 3.5 Horrys on the scale.


Q: How did De’Aaron Fox secure the game-winning shot?
A: After a turnover by the Magic, De’Aaron Fox received the inbound pass and raced up the court, crossing midcourt with a quick move. With a strong contest from Jalen Suggs, Fox released the shot from the center of the Magic logo and watched it drop cleanly through the net.

Q: Is De’Aaron Fox known for his clutch performances?
A: De’Aaron Fox has developed a reputation for being a clutch player. His ability to deliver in high-pressure moments, as demonstrated by this game-winning shot, makes him a valuable asset to the Kings.

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Q: How has the Kings’ season been so far?
A: The Kings had a challenging start to the season with four competitive losses. However, they have rebounded and won three of their last four games. The team seems to be adapting well to new head coach Mike Brown’s strategies.


De’Aaron Fox’s incredible logo 3-pointer against the Magic has placed him in the spotlight once again. With the game on the line, Fox demonstrated his composure and confidence by taking matters into his own hands, sealing the victory for the Kings. This game-winning shot not only highlights Fox’s individual talent but also speaks to the team’s resilience and growth under new head coach Mike Brown. As the Kings aim to break their playoff drought, they can take inspiration from this clutch performance by their standout point guard. Don’t miss out on any more exciting moments like this – visit for all the latest updates and action.