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Kia MVP Ladder: Joel Embiid Solidifies His Spot with Impressive Performance against Nikola Jokic

The race for the NBA MVP title has been heating up, and Joel Embiid, the star player for the Philadelphia 76ers, is making a strong case for himself. In a recent game against the Denver Nuggets, Embiid returned from a three-game absence and delivered a stellar performance, scoring 41 points and dishing out 10 assists. This win solidified his spot at the top of the Kia MVP Ladder.

Setting the Stage

Embiid’s performance against Nikola Jokic, the two-time MVP, was nothing short of spectacular. He made it clear that he considers himself the best player in the league, and his numbers back up that claim. In their recent matchup, Embiid outscored Jokic with a career-high 41 points, while Jokic recorded 25 points and an impressive 19 rebounds. Embiid’s dominance in this matchup has helped him improve his record to 6-2 against Jokic.

Noteworthy Stat: 18

Embiid’s current streak of 30-point performances is something to behold. He has scored 30 or more points in 18 consecutive games, tying him with NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor for the sixth-longest streak in NBA history. This consistency and scoring prowess further solidify his claim to the MVP title.

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What They’re Saying

Nuggets center Jokic had high praise for Embiid, acknowledging that there is no stopping him one-on-one. Jokic’s words highlight the impact Embiid had on the game, especially in the fourth quarter, where he scored 10 straight points to secure the victory for the 76ers.

The MVP Race

As of now, Embiid sits comfortably at the top of the Kia MVP Ladder. His season stats speak for themselves, with an average of 35.1 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game. The Sixers’ record with Embiid on the court is an impressive 23-6, while they struggle with a 3-7 record without him. His on-court presence and consistent scoring have been instrumental in their success.


Q: What makes Joel Embiid a top contender for the MVP title?
A: Embiid’s outstanding performance this season, coupled with his consistent scoring, rebounding, and playmaking abilities, sets him apart from other contenders. Additionally, his impact on the 76ers’ success is undeniable.

Q: How does Embiid’s record against Nikola Jokic contribute to his MVP case?
A: Embiid’s dominance over Jokic in their head-to-head matchups showcases his ability to perform against top-tier players. His success against Jokic further solidifies his claim as the best player in the league.


Joel Embiid’s recent performance against Nikola Jokic has solidified his spot at the top of the Kia MVP Ladder. His impressive scoring, playmaking, and impact on the court make him a top contender for the prestigious MVP title. With a staggering streak of 30-point games and a record of 6-2 against Jokic, Embiid has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on him to see if he can maintain his exceptional level of play and secure the MVP title.

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