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LeBron James named AP Male Athlete of Year award

LeBron James, the basketball legend, made headlines in 2020 for not only his on-court performance but also for his off-court initiatives. From advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement to encouraging voter participation, James went above and beyond to make a positive impact. And to top it all off, he led the Los Angeles Lakers to another NBA championship.

In recognition of his exceptional achievements, James was recently named the winner of The Associated Press’ Male Athlete of the Year award for the fourth time. This record-tying accomplishment puts him alongside other great athletes like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. James’ contributions extend beyond the basketball court; he strives to inspire, empower, and bring people together.

A Year of Greatness

James’ performance in 2020 was nothing short of spectacular. He proved his dominance on the court by securing his fourth NBA title and fourth NBA Finals MVP trophy. Leading the league in points and assists, he showcased his unparalleled skills. Moreover, he became the first player in history to be NBA Finals MVP for three different franchises, surpassing the late Kobe Bryant on the all-time scoring list.

Impact Off the Court

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While James continues to excel in his basketball career, he believes his impact off the court is equally significant. Through his organization, More Than A Vote, he actively engaged over 42,000 volunteers to work at polling stations during the November election. James also championed the cause of Black and young voters, helping increase turnout in critical areas with large Black populations.

Beyond his activism, James remains dedicated to his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He founded the I PROMISE School, which now serves over 450 students in third through sixth grades. Additionally, he initiated projects like affordable housing for 50 families and the establishment of House Three Thirty, a community space offering financial health programming and job training.

Looking Ahead

As 2021 approaches, LeBron James shows no signs of slowing down. With the Los Angeles Lakers aiming to defend their NBA title, he remains a key figure on the team. Moreover, fans eagerly await the release of his remake of “Space Jam” this summer. And who knows? James may even consider representing Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics, coached by Gregg Popovich.

Reflecting on the extraordinary year that was 2020, James expresses gratitude to his team, foundation, and sponsors for their unwavering support. He acknowledges that none of this would have been possible without their contributions.

LeBron James, the epitome of greatness and leadership, continues to inspire and leave a lasting impact both on and off the court. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to making a difference serve as a testament to his remarkable character.

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Q: How many times has LeBron James won the AP Male Athlete of the Year award?
A: LeBron James has won the AP Male Athlete of the Year award four times, tying the record held by Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.

Q: What off-court initiatives has LeBron James been involved in?
A: LeBron James has been actively involved in various off-court initiatives, including advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement, encouraging voter participation, and supporting his hometown of Akron, Ohio through the I PROMISE School and other community projects.

Q: How many NBA championships has LeBron James won?
A: LeBron James has won four NBA championships throughout his career.


LeBron James, the basketball superstar, has been named the AP Male Athlete of the Year for the fourth time. This prestigious award recognizes not only his on-court achievements but also his off-court contributions. From advocating for social justice to empowering his community in Akron, James continues to make a positive impact. With his unparalleled skills and unwavering dedication, he is a true inspiration to athletes and fans worldwide.