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The NBA All-Star Draft took place recently, with LeBron James as a team captain, selecting first as the league’s top overall vote-getter. This year, Team LeBron will face off against Team Durant, led by Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant, who received the most votes in the Eastern Conference. However, Durant will be unable to play due to injury.

Now that the draft is complete and the teams are set, let’s take a closer look at Team Durant with a deep dive into the numbers. In this article, we’ll explore the statistics and accomplishments of each player on Team Durant, featuring both the starters and reserves.


Bradley Beal | G | Washington Wizards

  • Beal is the NBA’s leading scorer, averaging 32.9 points per game. Only 11 players in league history have ever achieved this feat.
  • Beal’s performance becomes even more impressive when you add his rebounds and assists to the mix. Only four players have ever recorded 32.9 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game for a full season.
  • He leads the league with 22 games of scoring 30 or more points this season, including a six-game streak.

Zion Williamson | F | New Orleans Pelicans

  • Williamson ranks fifth in the NBA in field goal percentage, shooting an impressive 61.4%.
  • He excels in the restricted area, averaging a league-best 8.7 field goals made and 13.4 field goals attempted per game.
  • Despite his dominance around the rim, Williamson has also had the most shots blocked this season.
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Kyrie Irving | G | Brooklyn Nets

  • Irving holds the top offensive efficiency rating among players with significant minutes played. When he’s on the court, the Nets score 122.0 points per 100 possessions.
  • He ranks fifth in isolation scoring and 16th in scoring as the ball handler in pick-and-roll plays.
  • Irving’s shooting on pull-up shots is exceptional, with a 47.9% success rate.

Kawhi Leonard | F | LA Clippers

  • Leonard excels defensively, ranking ninth in steals and fourth in points off turnovers.
  • He is efficient on drives, averaging 8.7 points per game on 56.6% shooting.
  • Leonard’s shooting from the field is also impressive, with a 51.1% success rate.

Jayson Tatum | F-G | Boston Celtics

  • Tatum is clutch, ranking eighth in the NBA in clutch scoring.
  • He has made the most field goals in the final 30 seconds of a one-possession game.
  • Tatum is also effective on pull-up shots, averaging 9.5 points per game.

Joel Embiid | C-F | Philadelphia 76ers

  • Embiid is the second-leading scorer in the league, averaging a career-best 30.2 points per game.
  • He is shooting career-high percentages from the field, three-point range, and the free-throw line.
  • Embiid leads all players in free throws made and attempted.


Mike Conley | G | Utah Jazz

  • Conley has had a significant impact on the court, leading the league in raw plus/minus and defensive efficiency.
  • He is shooting a career-best 42.2% from three-point range.
  • Conley is a formidable defender, allowing a low field goal percentage when guarding opponents.

James Harden | G | Brooklyn Nets

  • Harden leads the NBA in assists and minutes played this season.
  • He already ranks second in triple-doubles in Nets franchise history.
  • Harden excels in isolation plays, averaging a league-high 8.9 points per game.
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Zach LaVine | G-F | Chicago Bulls

  • LaVine leads the league in clutch scoring and has the highest-scoring fourth quarter of the season.
  • He is known for his dunking abilities, although he has fewer dunks this season compared to last.
  • LaVine is an exceptional three-point shooter, ranking fifth in made three-pointers.

Donovan Mitchell | G | Utah Jazz

  • Mitchell ranks 18th in the league in scoring and is achieving career highs in three-pointers made and attempted.
  • He is also effective in drives, producing points and assists.
  • Mitchell is among the top players in loose balls recovered.

Julius Randle | F/C | New York Knicks

  • Randle ranks third in minutes played and is excelling in scoring, rebounding, and assisting for the Knicks.
  • He has significantly improved his three-point shooting this season.
  • Randle is among the leaders in double-doubles.

Nikola Vucevic | C | Orlando Magic

  • Vucevic leads the league in catch-and-shoot field goals made and attempted, making him a valuable asset to the Magic.
  • He is efficient with wide-open shots and ranks fourth in double-doubles.
  • Vucevic excels in post-ups and as the roll man in pick-and-roll plays.


Q: Who is the leading scorer on Team Durant?

  • Bradley Beal, a guard for the Washington Wizards, is the leading scorer on Team Durant, averaging 32.9 points per game.

Q: Which player has the highest field goal percentage on Team Durant?

  • Zion Williamson, a forward for the New Orleans Pelicans, has the highest field goal percentage on Team Durant, shooting 61.4%.

Q: Who is the most efficient three-point shooter on Team Durant?

  • Mike Conley, a guard for the Utah Jazz, is the most efficient three-point shooter on Team Durant, shooting a career-best 42.2% from beyond the arc.
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In this article, we explored the statistical accomplishments of each player on Team Durant for the NBA All-Star 2021. From Bradley Beal’s scoring prowess to Zion Williamson’s dominance in the paint, each player brings a unique skill set to the team. We also highlighted the impressive performances of the reserves, such as James Harden’s playmaking abilities and Julius Randle’s all-around contributions. With a talented roster like Team Durant, it’s no wonder they are a force to be reckoned with in the All-Star Game. For more in-depth coverage of the NBA All-Star 2021 and other basketball news, visit today.