Monday, 22 Jul 2024

NBA Fantasy: 6 Waiver Wire Targets Ahead of Week 21

Injuries continue to impact fantasy managers in the NBA, especially during the playoffs. However, there are still valuable players available on the waiver wire. Here are six players to consider adding to your fantasy team, all of whom are still widely available in Yahoo leagues.

Gary Trent Jr., Toronto Raptors (53% available)

The Raptors have been dealing with multiple injuries, giving Trent an increased role. He has been playing around 32 minutes per game over the last eight games and averaging 16.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.0 steal, and 2.9 three-pointers during that span. With the Raptors playing four games in Week 21, Trent has excellent scoring potential.

Nick Richards, Charlotte Hornets (54% available)

Richards has been performing well since the trade deadline, averaging 11.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks. Despite a subpar game against the Magic, he played 27 minutes and remains a reliable option. With the Hornets having four games in Week 21, Richards is worth considering.

Tre Mann, Charlotte Hornets (67% available)

Mann has taken advantage of the Hornets’ limited depth chart and has been providing valuable all-around production. He is averaging 11.6 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 1.6 steals, and 1.5 three-pointers since being acquired from the Thunder. With four games upcoming and the absence of LaMelo Ball, Mann is an appealing option.

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Grant Williams, Charlotte Hornets (70% available)

Williams has been a consistent contributor off the bench for the Hornets, averaging 13.7 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.6 three-pointers. He has a secure role and a favorable schedule, making him another valuable option from the Hornets.

Simone Fontecchio, Detroit Pistons (76% available)

Fontecchio has been playing well for the Pistons, averaging 14 points and 2.5 three-pointers in his last five games. Despite modest rebound and assist numbers, he provides a reliable source of points and three-pointers. With the Pistons playing four games in Week 21, Fontecchio has the potential to contribute.

Vasilije Micic, Charlotte Hornets (81% available)

With injuries to key players like LaMelo Ball, Micic has seen an expanded role in the starting lineup. He has produced impressive numbers, including 21 points, five rebounds, four assists, and two steals in a recent game against the Magic. Micic is a valuable fantasy option, especially with players like Ball, Cody Martin, and Seth Curry sidelined.


Q: Are these players available in Yahoo leagues?
A: Yes, all of these players are widely available in Yahoo leagues, making them potential pickups for fantasy managers.

Q: How many games do the Hornets play in Week 21?
A: The Hornets have four games scheduled in Week 21, providing ample opportunities for their players to contribute.

Q: Which player has the highest scoring potential?
A: Gary Trent Jr. of the Toronto Raptors has excellent scoring potential, especially with the increased playing time and the Raptors playing four games in Week 21.

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As the NBA season progresses, injuries continue to impact fantasy teams. However, there are still valuable players on the waiver wire. Players like Gary Trent Jr., Nick Richards, Tre Mann, Grant Williams, Simone Fontecchio, and Vasilije Micic are widely available and have the potential to make a significant impact in fantasy leagues. With favorable schedules and increased roles, these players should be considered as valuable additions to your team. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to strengthen your fantasy roster and secure a competitive advantage.