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NBA Prospect Payton Willis – The Basketball Movement

Minnesota Golden Gopher Payton Willis has made the leap by declaring for the NBA draft, and he has a trusted companion in his journey – Rob Yanders from The Basketball Movement. Rob Yanders is well-known among elite basketball circles across North America as a trainer who can truly unlock potential. That’s why players with their sights set on the top seek out “the basketball Mecca of the Midwest” – The Basketball Movement.

A Journeyman with Potential

Payton Willis is one such player who recognizes the value of working with Yanders and his team. Throughout his college career, which took him to Vanderbilt, Charleston, and eventually Minnesota, Willis had the opportunity to experience different styles of play and work with various coaches, shaping him into a versatile player. Last year, as a Minnesota Golden Gopher, Willis averaged an impressive 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists per game, showcasing his ability to contribute across the board.

Honing His Skills

As Payton Willis sets his sights on the NBA, he is focused on refining his skills. Currently, he is working on becoming more efficient from NBA (3-point) range and improving his ball-handling abilities. These are areas in which Rob Yanders and his team excel, making The Basketball Movement the perfect training ground for Willis. He has found the mentorship and tough workouts to be instrumental in his development.

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NBA Workouts and Mentality

Willis has already had the opportunity to showcase his skills in workouts with NBA teams like the Atlanta Hawks and the championship contending Golden State Warriors. More workouts are on the horizon, with the up-and-coming Timberwolves next in line. These workouts are highly demanding and aim to assess not only the players’ physical abilities but also their mental strength and dedication. Willis embraces the challenges and wants decision-makers to know that he is a winner, both on and off the court. He is ready to adapt and excel in any role a team requires of him.


Q: Who is Payton Willis?

A: Payton Willis is a talented basketball player who declared for the NBA draft. He had a successful college career, playing for Vanderbilt, Charleston, and Minnesota.

Q: Where is Payton Willis training for the NBA draft?

A: Payton Willis is training at The Basketball Movement, known as “the basketball Mecca of the Midwest.”

Q: What skills is Payton Willis focusing on developing?

A: Payton Willis is working on becoming more efficient from NBA (3-point) range and improving his ball-handling abilities.

Q: Which NBA teams has Payton Willis already worked out for?

A: Payton Willis has already worked out for the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors, with upcoming workouts scheduled with the Timberwolves.


Payton Willis, a talented basketball player, is pursuing his dream of playing in the NBA. With the support and guidance of Rob Yanders and The Basketball Movement, Willis is fine-tuning his skills and preparing for the demands of professional basketball. He has already impressed in workouts with NBA teams, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to winning. As Willis continues his journey, he remains determined to make a positive impact both on and off the court. To learn more about Payton Willis and his NBA prospects, visit

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