Thursday, 23 May 2024

NBA Reacts: Russell Westbrook Makes History as NBA’s All-Time Triple-Double Leader

Russell Westbrook has achieved a monumental feat, becoming the NBA’s all-time leader in triple-doubles. The basketball community, including the legendary Oscar Robertson, whose record Westbrook shattered, has extended their heartfelt congratulations. This achievement seemed almost unattainable, with Robertson’s record standing strong since his retirement in 1974.

Westbrook’s relentless pursuit of greatness has propelled him into the history books. He has averaged a triple-double in four of the past five seasons, with an astonishing 145 instances of achieving this feat. The likes of Magic Johnson and other players on the career triple-double list expressed their admiration for Westbrook’s accomplishment.

The Washington Wizards, the NBA, and various family members and teammates also commended Westbrook on his extraordinary achievement. The celebration of this milestone is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the game.

The NBA Community Pays Tribute

The NBA community wasted no time in showing their appreciation for Westbrook’s record-breaking achievement. Twitter was abuzz with congratulatory messages from players and legends alike. Let’s take a look at some of the heartfelt responses:

  • Allen Iverson tweeted, “Just watched history being made!!! Congratulations @russwest44 on breaking a record NO ONE thought would be broken. Well deserved, keep it up killa! #MindBlowing #Unreal #Unbelievable #VideoGameNumbers #MrTripleDouble.”
  • Bradley Beal expressed his gratitude, saying, “Mr. Triple Double!!! Congratulations big bro. It’s a pleasure to witness history!! First Ballot HOF @russwest44.”
  • Isiah Thomas acknowledged the significance of Westbrook’s achievement, tweeting, “Let it be known @russwest44 @NBAHistory has been made!”
  • Michele Roberts of the NBA Players Association also took to Twitter, stating, “Russell, though… @Russwest44 @WashWizards.”
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These messages of admiration highlight the impact Westbrook has had on the game and the respect he commands from his peers.


Q: How many triple-doubles does Russell Westbrook have?
A: Russell Westbrook currently holds the NBA record for triple-doubles with 182 and counting.

Q: Who previously held the record for most triple-doubles?
A: The legendary Oscar Robertson held the record for most triple-doubles before Russell Westbrook surpassed it.

Q: How many seasons has Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double?
A: Russell Westbrook has averaged a triple-double in four of the past five seasons, showcasing his incredible consistency and versatility on the court.

Q: How did the NBA community react to Russell Westbrook’s achievement?
A: The NBA community, including players, legends, and teams, flooded social media with congratulatory messages, expressing their admiration for Westbrook’s historic accomplishment.


Russell Westbrook has cemented his name in NBA history by becoming the all-time leader in triple-doubles. His relentless pursuit of excellence and consistent performance have earned him the respect and admiration of the basketball community. Marveled by his unparalleled achievements, players, legends, and teams united to celebrate Westbrook’s incredible milestone. As he continues to etch his legacy, Westbrook’s record-breaking journey will forever inspire future generations of players to push their limits and rewrite the history books. For more exciting NBA news and updates, visit