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New Clippers coach Tyronn Lue: A Fresh Start in Los Angeles

New Clippers coach Tyronn Lue: 'It feels good to be wanted'

Tyronn Lue, the new coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, is prepared to take on the challenge of guiding the team to their first-ever NBA championship. Owner Steve Ballmer has made it clear that winning is his top priority, setting the stage for Lue to make his mark.

After being let go as a head coach in Cleveland, Lue took the opportunity to reflect and work on himself before joining the Clippers as an assistant under Doc Rivers last season. Lue used the time to focus on his health and underwent a transformation, losing weight and adopting a new diet.

Now, Lue is ready to lead the Clippers to new heights in the playoffs. He embraces the pressure that comes with the job, seeing it as a necessary component for championship success. With three NBA titles already under his belt, both as a player and a coach, Lue brings a winning mentality to the team.

Lue’s ability to connect with players and his track record of success made him the top choice for the Clippers. Ballmer expressed his admiration for Lue’s work ethic and his eagerness to learn and grow as a coach.

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The challenge for Lue will be managing the personalities of his star players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who are known for their quiet demeanor. Lue has experience coaching superstars like LeBron James and playing alongside the late Kobe Bryant, which will serve him well in navigating the dynamics of the team.

In order to succeed, Lue emphasizes the importance of keeping the players healthy. Both Leonard and George had injury concerns this past season, and Lue understands the need to manage their workload and prioritize their overall well-being.

Lue’s appointment comes after the Clippers’ disappointing early exit from the playoffs, blowing a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets. The team’s previous coach, Doc Rivers, was let go soon after. Ballmer acknowledged Rivers’ contributions to the franchise but felt a change in direction was necessary.

Despite the challenges ahead, Lue is grateful for the opportunity and feels a sense of validation in being chosen as the head coach of the Clippers. He is excited to embark on this new chapter of his coaching career and is determined to make his mark in the league.


Q: What is Tyronn Lue’s coaching background?

A: Tyronn Lue has an impressive coaching resume, with three NBA championships to his name. He won two titles as a player with the Los Angeles Lakers and one as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he led LeBron James and the team to the Finals in 2017 and 2018.

Q: How does Tyronn Lue plan to handle the personalities of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George?

A: Lue understands the challenge of managing star players with reserved personalities. He believes that leadership can come from anyone on the team, not just the best players. Lue will focus on creating a collective approach to leadership, where every player contributes to the team’s success.

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Q: What are the expectations for the Clippers next season?

A: The Clippers had a strong regular season, finishing with the fourth-best record in franchise history. The goal is to go beyond the second round of the playoffs, a feat the team has never achieved. Lue will be tasked with leading the team to new heights and ultimately competing for an NBA championship.


Tyronn Lue, the new coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, is ready to lead the team to their first NBA championship. With a track record of success and a focus on player health and leadership, Lue brings a fresh perspective to the franchise. The challenge will be managing the personalities of star players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but Lue is confident in his ability to create a collective approach to leadership. As the Clippers look to build on their successful regular season, Lue is determined to take the team to new heights and establish himself as one of the league’s top coaches.