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One-on-One: Twilah Carrasquillo — The Basketball Movement

Another talented player making waves on the basketball court is Twilah Carrasquillo from Verona High School. With a successful career and numerous records under her belt, she is now ready to take her skills to the collegiate level. Let’s catch up with Twilah and learn more about her journey.

Twilah’s Record-Breaking Success

During her time at Verona High, Twilah Carrasquillo recently broke the women’s scoring record, previously held by her sister, by surpassing the 2,000 point mark. In an interview, Twilah mentioned that her sister would have been mad if she hadn’t broken the record. She attributes her achievement to the support of her school, friends, and family. While acknowledging the rarity of this scoring milestone in her sport, Twilah remains focused on team wins.

A Passionate Athlete

Twilah has already committed to continue her basketball career at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. For her, choosing Benedictine is about more than just basketball. She appreciates the welcoming coaching staff and teammates and resonates with the school’s strong Christian values. It’s a place where she feels she can truly be herself, both as a teammate and as an individual.

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Twilah’s Connection with Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement

Twilah first encountered Robert Yanders and Yanders Law when her father’s team played against them in Springfield. Impressed by their approach, Twilah’s family decided to join the organization. Twilah has also spent countless hours at The Basketball Movement, refining her skills and becoming a versatile player. She attributes her deeper knowledge of the game and ability to anticipate plays to her time working with Rob.

“My biggest takeaways from working with Rob have a lot to do with having a better and deeper knowledge of the game. Knowing so many circumstances helps you see plays before they happen.”

  • Twilah Carrasquillo

Choosing the Right College

When asked for advice on selecting a college, Twilah emphasizes the importance of prioritizing personal fit over the division of the school. She encourages players to choose a college that aligns with their life goals and passions, reminding them that basketball careers have a limited lifespan.

With her determination, skills, and priorities in order, Twilah Carrasquillo is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life. We wish her the best and look forward to seeing her excel on and off the court.

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