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Players to Watch at Each Position

With the return of NBA hoops just around the corner, it’s time to highlight some players worth keeping an eye on at each position. The Orlando bubble will be filled with talent from the 22 participating teams, all vying for a spot in the playoffs. In this article, we’ll provide player profiles for each position and suggest players to watch and study.

Point Guards

When it comes to point guards, there are plenty of exciting talents to observe. One standout is Ja Morant, the likely Rookie of the Year. Morant’s flashy play and explosive attacks at the rim are attention-grabbing, but his fundamentals, footwork, vision, and handle make him a force to be reckoned with in the Association.

Another point guard to watch is Jrue Holiday. Hoping to secure a spot on the All-NBA defensive team for the third year in a row, Holiday showcases a well-rounded game. He knows when to defer to young stars while maintaining a killer instinct to close out games.

Shooting Guards

Moving on to shooting guards, two players worth studying are Donovan Mitchell and Fred VanVleet. Mitchell’s athleticism allows him to guard a variety of players, while his shot-making ability solidifies his position as a shooting guard. VanVleet, who has transitioned from a backup point guard to a starting shooting guard, played a pivotal role in the Raptors’ title run last season. Watch out for his fearless playstyle.

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For shooting clinics, CJ McCollum and Buddy Hield are the go-to players. Both possess elite shooting skills and consistently put on dazzling performances.

Small Forwards

Among the small forwards, Jayson Tatum has made significant strides in his game. While there’s still room for improvement, Tatum’s scoring ability, averaging 24 points per game, makes him a formidable player. His knack for putting the ball in the hole is worth studying for aspiring long and athletic forwards.

Two other small forwards to keep an eye on are Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jonathan Isaac. Isaac, known for his defensive prowess, may be questionable due to an injury but can impart valuable knowledge about shot-blocking. Gilgeous-Alexander, although primarily a point guard, showcases offensive instincts and handles that make him a lethal scorer.

Power Forwards

It’s hard to ignore the dominance of Anthony Davis. The Lakers’ power forward excels on both ends of the court, elevating his defensive presence while remaining a threat in the paint, rebounds, and even from the perimeter. Young power forwards should pay close attention to Davis’s versatile game.

Another power forward on the rise is Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat. Adebayo earned his first All-Star bid this season, showcasing his athleticism and commitment to the little things that contribute to winning basketball.


For aspiring big men, Domantas Sabonis and Brook Lopez are underrated players to study. Sabonis may not have the star power of other players, but his tenacity and ability to find the ball make him an excellent role model for playing the right way in the paint. Lopez, a former All-Star, has transitioned into a defensive anchor and three-point threat for the top-ranked Milwaukee Bucks. His shot-blocking abilities and willingness to stretch the floor make him an invaluable asset to his team.

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These are just a few examples of players to keep an eye on and learn from during the NBA seeding games and playoffs. The resumption of the season promises excitement, and we’ll be here to keep you informed. Stay tuned!

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