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Power Rankings, Week 16: Clippers Leading the Way Ahead of the Trade Deadline

The NBA trade deadline is looming, and with just three days left, the market has already seen some significant shifts. In the past week, two key developments have influenced trade talks.

Firstly, Zach LaVine, who has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few months, is now sidelined for the remainder of the season. This unexpected turn of events has undoubtedly shaken up trade negotiations.

Secondly, the Philadelphia 76ers, who were expected to be aggressive buyers in the market, are now uncertain about Joel Embiid’s return to full health in time for the playoffs. This uncertainty may impact their trade strategy.

Despite these setbacks, there is still plenty of action expected in the coming days. Teams will be looking to contend for a title, secure a playoff berth, build for the future, or simply save some money.

Plus-Minus Players and Teams of the Week

Here are the standout performers from last week:

  • Donovan Mitchell (CLE) had an impressive plus-69 rating in four games.
  • On the other hand, Miles Bridges (CHA) struggled and had a minus-79 rating in four games.
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In terms of team performance, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a perfect week, going 4-0. They are showing resilience despite recent challenges. On the flip side, the Charlotte Hornets had a tough week, going 0-4 and registering a worse point differential than the struggling 6-43 Detroit Pistons.

East vs. West

In interconference games, the Western Conference continues to dominate with a record of 147-113 (.565). Last week, they went 19-16 against their Eastern Conference counterparts.

Schedule Strength through Week 15

Based on cumulative opponent record, adjusted for home vs. away games and rest days, here is the schedule strength ranking for teams:


  1. Golden State
  2. Memphis
  3. L.A. Lakers


  1. Phoenix
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Milwaukee

Movement in the Rankings

As always, there were some notable changes in the rankings:

High jumps of the week: Cleveland (+4), Atlanta (+3), Minnesota (+3)
Free falls of the week: Philadelphia (-6), Chicago (-3), Memphis (-3)

Team to Watch in Week 16: Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings have been performing well lately, winning six of their last seven games. They are embarking on a challenging seven-game road trip, with a game against the impressive Cleveland Cavaliers (winners of 13 of their last 14) on Monday. The Kings will then face the Pistons, Nuggets, and Thunder later in the week.


In Week 16’s Power Rankings, the Los Angeles Clippers lead the pack as trade talks intensify. The absence of Zach LaVine and uncertainty surrounding Joel Embiid’s health have added a wildcard element to the market. However, teams are still actively pursuing their goals, whether it’s contending for a title, making the playoffs, or planning for the future. The NBA landscape remains dynamic, and the upcoming trade deadline promises more excitement and surprises.

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Q: Which teams had the most significant movements in the Power Rankings this week?
A: The Cleveland Cavaliers made the most substantial jump, moving up four spots. Additionally, the Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves each climbed three spots. On the other hand, the Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, and Memphis Grizzlies all experienced a negative shift, dropping six, three, and three spots, respectively.

Q: What is the schedule strength ranking based on?
A: The schedule strength ranking takes into account the cumulative opponent record, adjusted for home vs. away games and rest days before a game. It provides a measure of the difficulty teams face in their upcoming schedule.

Q: Who are the Plus-Minus Players of the Week?
A: The Plus-Minus Players of the Week highlights the individuals who made the most significant impact on the court based on their plus-minus rating. Donovan Mitchell (CLE) had a remarkable plus-69 rating in four games, while Miles Bridges (CHA) struggled with a minus-79 rating.

Q: What is the overall performance of the Western Conference compared to the Eastern Conference in interconference games?
A: The Western Conference has been dominant against the Eastern Conference in interconference games, with a record of 147-113 (.565). Last week, they went 19-16 in such matchups.

Q: Which team is worth keeping an eye on in Week 16?
A: The Sacramento Kings have been on a strong run, winning six of their last seven games. They face a daunting seven-game road trip, including matchups against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, and Oklahoma City Thunder. Their performance during this challenging stretch will be worth monitoring.

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