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Power Rankings, Week 17: Exciting Action and Trade Deadline Updates

The trade deadline for the 2023 NBA season is quickly approaching, and fans all around the league are eagerly waiting for more news and updates. With one major trade already completed, the anticipation for further deals is growing, and social media platforms like Twitter will be buzzing with activity over the next 75 hours.

Before we reach the deadline, however, there are some thrilling games to look forward to. On Tuesday, basketball fans will witness LeBron James attempt to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list, needing just 36 points against the Thunder to achieve this milestone. Then, on Wednesday, the Sixers and Celtics will face off in a highly anticipated matchup, followed by what could be Kyrie Irving’s debut with the Mavericks.

Week 17 promises to be a week of making history, intense rivalries, the formation of new star duos, and more trades. Let’s dive right into the power rankings and explore what’s been happening in the NBA.

Plus-Minus Players of the Week

  • Right Way: Larry Nance Jr. (NOP) was a plus-67 in four games last week.
  • Wrong Way: Seth Curry (BKN) was a minus-54 in three games last week.
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Teams of the Week

  • Make It Last Forever: Milwaukee (3-0) — The Bucks have shown their true potential when all three of their star players are healthy and playing together.
  • Something Just Ain’t Right: Memphis (0-3) — The Grizzlies have hit a rough patch, but they still manage to hold on to their second-place position in the rankings.

East vs. West

The Eastern Conference has a slight edge over the Western Conference in interconference games, with a record of 165-156 (.514). In Week 16, both conferences were evenly matched, with a 12-12 record.

Schedule Strength through Week 16


  1. Charlotte
  2. Detroit
  3. Washington


  1. Philadelphia
  2. Minnesota
  3. Milwaukee

Schedule strength is determined by considering cumulative opponent records and adjusting for home vs. away games and days of rest.

Movement in the Rankings

There have been some significant shifts in the rankings this week:

  • High jumps of the week: Phoenix (+4), Portland (+4), Cleveland (+2), Dallas (+2)
  • Free falls of the week: Oklahoma City (-5), Washington (-4), Philadelphia (-3)

Team to Watch in Week 17: L.A. Lakers

Laker fans are in for an exciting week ahead. All eyes will be on LeBron James as he chases the all-time scoring record, with his first opportunity coming against the Thunder on Tuesday. If he doesn’t achieve it then, he will have another chance on Thursday against the Bucks. Additionally, the Lakers will be actively looking to make trades before the deadline to strengthen their roster. And, to top it all off, they have a marquee matchup with the Warriors on Saturday night.

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Q: What is the purpose of the power rankings?
A: The power rankings provide an analysis of how teams are performing based on various factors, including recent performance, player injuries, and overall team strength.

Q: How often are the power rankings updated?
A: The power rankings are released every Monday during the NBA season.

Q: Are the power rankings subjective?
A: Yes, the power rankings reflect the opinion of the author and are subjective in nature. However, they aim to provide an accurate assessment of the teams’ performances.


In Week 17 of the NBA season, fans can expect a thrilling combination of historic moments, intense matchups, and potential trade deals. With LeBron James closing in on the all-time scoring record, the race to the trade deadline heating up, and teams making significant moves in the power rankings, the excitement is palpable. Stay tuned for more updates and action-packed games throughout the week.

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