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Q&A: Domantas Sabonis Discusses Sacramento Kings’ Playoff Aspirations

The Sacramento Kings are ready to turn the corner and end their NBA playoff drought. In the 2022-23 season, they have taken deliberate steps to improve team chemistry and competitiveness. From hosting offseason scrimmages to team-bonding activities in Napa Valley, the Kings are determined to make a breakthrough.

Center Domantas Sabonis, who joined the Kings before last season’s trade deadline, believes that the team’s newfound openness and willingness to compete will make a significant difference. In an exclusive interview with, Sabonis shared insights on the factors that could determine the Kings’ playoff aspirations, including the coaching of Mike Brown, the potential of point guard De’Aaron Fox, and the impact of rookie forward Keegan Murray.

Let’s dive into the conversation and see what Sabonis had to say about the Kings’ journey towards the playoffs.

Early Impressions of Training Camp

According to Sabonis, the Kings are heading in the right direction during training camp. The team is focused, pushing themselves to their limits, and emphasizing structure, hard work, and continuous learning.

Mike Brown, the Kings’ head coach, is prioritizing defense and making sure the players are comfortable with the defensive system. Brown’s defensive expertise and attention to detail are expected to contribute significantly to the Kings’ success.

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The Challenge and Opportunity of Ending the Playoff Drought

Sabonis and the team are focused on competing and becoming a better unit. While the 16-year playoff drought is significant, the team is more concerned with their own performance and growth. If the Kings do their job, the playoff drought will naturally come to an end.

Realistic Goals and Determination

Making the playoffs is a realistic goal for the Kings. Sabonis emphasizes that every team enters training camp with the desire to experience that special feeling of playoff success. As long as the Kings work towards their goal, positive outcomes are definitely within reach.

Competing in the Competitive Western Conference

In a highly competitive conference like the Western Conference, competing is essential. The Kings possess an abundance of talent and offensive weapons. To maximize their potential, they need to focus on sharing the ball, executing off-ball movement, and working together as a cohesive unit. By creating better shot opportunities for each other, the Kings will become a formidable force on the court.

Building Chemistry with De’Aaron Fox

Sabonis has formed a strong bond with point guard De’Aaron Fox, especially when it comes to executing the pick and roll. Both players understand each other’s tendencies and are capable of creating mismatches against opposing defenses. They plan to continue building on their chemistry and exploring new ways to take advantage of their teamwork.

The Promise of Keegan Murray

Rookie forward Keegan Murray has impressed Sabonis during training camp. Murray’s shooting ability and basketball IQ make him a valuable asset to the team. Sabonis is excited to see Murray’s debut in an NBA game. Murray’s versatility and smart decision-making are expected to contribute significantly to the Kings’ success on the court.

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The Challenge of European Basketball

Sabonis, who has experience playing in Europe, highlights the challenges of European basketball. With its strong focus on coaching, scouting, and a highly disciplined style of play, European basketball demands constant attention to detail and offers little room for errors. The intensity of competition in Europe has shaped Sabonis’ approach to the game and prepared him for the challenges of the NBA.

The Influence of Father Arvydas Sabonis

Domantas Sabonis attributes his development as a player to his father, Arvydas Sabonis, a basketball legend in his own right. Arvydas’ passing ability, leadership, and resilience have had a profound impact on Domantas. Arvydas’ advice to take care of his body and always be available to play has been particularly valuable to Domantas’ career.

Lithuania’s Performance in EuroBasket

Reflecting on Lithuania’s performance in EuroBasket, Sabonis expresses pride in representing his country. He believes that Lithuania had a strong team but faced tough competition. Despite not achieving their desired outcome, Sabonis is optimistic about Lithuania’s future and looks forward to building on their experience for the next tournament.

Moving Forward

Sabonis is confident that the Kings will learn from their experiences and come back even stronger. They aim to improve in areas where they struggled, enhance communication, and refine their scouting process. By taking these steps, the Kings will be better prepared for future challenges.

In conclusion, the Sacramento Kings are determined to break their playoff drought. With a focus on team chemistry, competitiveness, and continuous improvement, they aim to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Domantas Sabonis’ insights shed light on the team’s mindset and aspirations. As the season unfolds, it will be exciting to see if the Kings can turn their dreams into reality.

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