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Q&A: Donovan Mitchell on Cavaliers’ Rise and Kia MVP Race

If you thought Donovan Mitchell had already reached his peak during his time with the Utah Jazz, think again. In his second season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mitchell, now 27, has become the driving force of a team that is making a surprising push toward the top of the Eastern Conference. Not only has Mitchell inserted himself into the conversation for Kia MVP finalist, but he’s also putting up career-high numbers with 28.4 points per game on an efficient 47.3% shooting, along with 5.4 rebounds and 6.3 assists. In a recent Q-and-A with, Mitchell touched on a variety of topics, including the Cavs’ success, his role on the team, and his future in Cleveland.

The Cavs’ Success Despite Injuries

Mitchell praised the collective effort of the team in overcoming the challenges posed by injuries to key players like Darius Garland and Evan Mobley. He emphasized the resilience and next-man-up mentality that the Cavs displayed in their quest for success. Mitchell believes that the team’s ability to step up collectively, even in the absence of key players, has been instrumental in their rise in the standings.

Mitchell’s Role as a Playmaker

Although not designated as a point guard, Mitchell has taken on playmaking responsibilities, often having the ball in his hands. He attributes this to his ability to be a floor general and do whatever the team needs. Mitchell prides himself on managing games, getting his teammates involved, and scoring when necessary. His chemistry with teammate Jarrett Allen, especially on the screen and roll, has been a significant factor in their success.

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Mitchell’s Impact and MVP Contention

Mitchell doesn’t shy away from the suggestion that he’s an MVP contender. He believes that his consistent performance and contribution to the team make him a legitimate candidate for the award. When discussing who he considers the best player in the game right now, Mitchell highlights Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid as his top contenders. He acknowledges the level of greatness displayed by players like Jokic and attributes the desire to find the next big thing as a reason why some players like LeBron James may not receive the recognition they deserve.

The Evolution of the Game

Mitchell recognizes the evolution of the game and the increase in scoring. He views the abundance of scoring as a positive outcome of the game’s development and the talent of players. He acknowledges that offensive players have exploited certain rules and regulations, making it difficult for defenders to guard one-on-one. While some may argue that there is too much offense, Mitchell sees it as a natural progression of the sport.

In his conversation with, Donovan Mitchell provides insights into his role on the Cleveland Cavaliers, their success despite injuries, his MVP contention, and the evolution of the game. His focus remains on the current season and bringing a championship to Cleveland, leaving the speculation about his future to others. With his exceptional performance and leadership, Mitchell is undoubtedly an integral part of the Cavs’ rise in the Eastern Conference standings.


Q: How has Donovan Mitchell contributed to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ success?

A: Donovan Mitchell has played a pivotal role in the Cavs’ success, stepping up in the absence of key players due to injuries. He has shown exceptional leadership and a next-man-up mentality, helping the team maintain a strong position in the Eastern Conference.

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Q: Is Donovan Mitchell considered a contender for the MVP award?

A: Yes, Donovan Mitchell is a legitimate contender for the MVP award. His consistent performance and significant contributions to the team have put him in the conversation for this prestigious accolade.

Q: Who does Donovan Mitchell consider the best player in the game right now?

A: Donovan Mitchell recognizes the greatness of players like Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, considering them as the top contenders for the title of the best player in the game. He also acknowledges the consistent excellence of players like LeBron James.

Q: How does Donovan Mitchell view the evolution of the game and the increase in scoring?

A: Mitchell sees the increased scoring in the game as a positive outcome of the sport’s evolution and the immense talent of the players. He believes that the abundance of scoring reflects the players’ ability to exploit certain rules and regulations, making it challenging for defenders to guard one-on-one.


Donovan Mitchell has emerged as a crucial player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading them to success in the Eastern Conference. Despite injuries to key players, Mitchell’s exceptional performance and leadership have propelled the team to new heights. He is considered an MVP contender, with his consistent contribution making him a standout player in the league. Mitchell recognizes the evolution of the game, embracing the increase in scoring as a result of the players’ exceptional skills. His focus remains on the current season and bringing a championship to Cleveland.

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