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Q&A: Wes Unseld Jr. on What to Expect from the New-Look Wizards

The Washington Wizards are undergoing significant changes under the leadership of coach Wes Unseld Jr. With the departure of scoring star Bradley Beal and the trade of Kristaps Porzingis, the team is entering a new era. In this Q&A, Unseld discusses the excitement of a fresh start, the process of integrating new players, and the potential of key players such as Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma.

Unseld emphasizes the importance of patience in developing a cohesive team and highlights the leadership role that Kuzma will play. He also identifies Corey Kispert and Deni Avdija as players to watch for significant improvement this season.

As the Wizards embark on a new journey, Unseld recognizes the opportunity for growth and the buzz surrounding the team. He also addresses the unique challenges of the new In-Season Tournament, expressing enthusiasm for the potential it brings to the league.

Overall, Unseld’s insights shed light on the changes and challenges ahead for the Washington Wizards and leave fans eager to see how this new-look team will perform on the court.

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Q: What changes can we expect from the new-look Washington Wizards under Wes Unseld Jr.?
A: The Washington Wizards have undergone significant changes with the departure of Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis. Wes Unseld Jr. emphasizes the team’s new direction, highlighting the influx of young talent and cap flexibility. The revamped roster will bring a fresh and exciting look to the Wizards.

Q: How will Wes Unseld Jr. approach integrating new players into the team?
A: Unseld believes that integrating new players will take time and diligence. While some players may develop more quickly than others, he expects significant improvement from holdovers like Deni Avdija and Corey Kispert. Unseld also mentions Jordan Poole’s talent and emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s role within the team concept.

Q: What role will Kyle Kuzma play in the new-look Wizards?
A: Kuzma, who has been the subject of trade speculation throughout his career, is now a key player for the Wizards. Unseld sees Kuzma as a leader within the team and believes he has the potential to unlock his game further. Kuzma’s experience and skill set will be instrumental in guiding the team.

Q: Which players are expected to make significant progress this season?
A: Unseld highlights the growth potential of Corey Kispert and Deni Avdija. Both players have been with the team for a couple of years and have shown promising development during the offseason. Unseld expects them to take a significant leap forward in their performance this season.


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The Washington Wizards, under the leadership of Wes Unseld Jr., are undergoing a period of significant change. The departure of Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis has prompted a new direction for the team. Unseld emphasizes the team’s young talent, cap flexibility, and the excitement of reshaping the roster.

Unseld recognizes that integrating new players takes time and highlights the leadership role that Kyle Kuzma will play. He expects progression from players like Deni Avdija, Corey Kispert, and Jordan Poole, who bring a mix of talent, experience, and potential. Unseld also mentions the challenges and excitement surrounding the new In-Season Tournament.

As the Wizards embark on this fresh start, Unseld’s words inspire anticipation for the team’s development and performance on the court.