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Road Trip Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Road Trip Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day

It’s here, Memorial Day Weekend. The first busy travel event of the year and the weather forecast is calling for temperatures to be sunny, warm, and perfect road trip weather.  Here are a few tips to help ensure you have a great travel weekend:

Make a Plan and Checklist

Know the best routes and alternate routes to get to your destination as well as any construction taking place. Check out an app called Waze that offers real time road conditions and traffic alerts. Plan ahead for any rest stops along the way, and arrange for gas refueling. Having a plan will help avoid gas light induced panic and a last minute lane changes for a gas sign, which could put you and other drivers in danger.

When you’re packing the car, make sure your checklist is handy, so you remember your cell phone, chargers, emergency contact list, maps, snacks, water and any specialty items for your trip. The quickest way to spoil your vacation is remembering your left the swimming accessories by the front door. Load the car and take care to consider your car’s load capacity, then sit in the driver seat and check all your mirrors for visibility. Once the car is loaded, give your checklist a once over to confirm you have what you need. Lastly, remember you sunglasses. It’s been awhile since we’ve had consistent sun and your glasses may still be tucked into a kitchen drawer but, you’re going to need them to protect your eyes and avoid sun glare when driving.

Give Your Car a Check

Check all exterior lights, fluid levels, tire pressure and condition, wiper blades and your state inspection sticker. If you’re close to your oil change mileage, err on the side of caution and get your oil change before you leave, same goes for your inspection sticker.

Drive Smart

Leave early and take your time. There will be an increased amount of cars on the road, many of them rushing to get their destinations.  Don’t speed!  Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of accidents. Be aware that Police Departments are on high alert during holiday weekends. They’re looking for reckless and distracted driving, speeding, and sobriety.  Every state has different limits, but many can still hand out “driving while impaired” tickets even if you are within the legal threshold.

For those families that are planning a quiet weekend at home, but want to get in the spirit of Memorial Day, Lohud has compiled all the parades and ceremonies taking place in Putnam this weekend and can be found here.  Please remember to take care when driving and walking around parade sites. Road closures can cause congestion and with the influx of people crossing the streets consider driving a  slower. When it’s your turn to walk, make eye contact with drivers, so you know you’re clear to cross and use crosswalks when possible. This Memorial Day weekend we want you and your family to be safe and enjoy the extended weekend the unofficial start of summer weather.

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