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Season Review: 1982-83

Philadelphia 76ers

When Julius Erving joined the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1976-77 season, there were high expectations for a championship. While the team made it to the NBA Finals three times in the following years, they fell short of the title. However, everything changed when Moses Malone, the league’s MVP, became a free agent and signed with the 76ers. With Malone on board, there was renewed hope that Philadelphia would overcome its rivals, the Celtics and Lakers.

Led by Malone, Julius Erving, and Sixth Man Award winner Bobby Jones, the 76ers dominated the league, winning 65 games. Malone, who secured his third MVP trophy, played a crucial role in their success. Additionally, Sidney Moncrief of the Bucks was named the inaugural Defensive Player of the Year.

Malone famously predicted that the 76ers would sweep each round of the playoffs on their way to the championship, saying “Fo’, Fo’, Fo’.” However, the Lakers stood in their way. Despite suffering injuries to key players, including James Worthy, Los Angeles made it to the NBA Finals. Nevertheless, the 76ers proved too strong and swept the Lakers to claim their first title since the days of Wilt Chamberlain.

According to 76ers coach Billy Cunningham, the addition of Moses Malone was the defining factor in their success. Malone’s consistent performance inside the paint mirrored the impact Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had on the Lakers. The 76ers not only matched that level of dominance but exceeded it.

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Eastern Conference first round

  • New York defeated New Jersey (2-0)
  • Boston defeated Atlanta (2-1)

Western Conference first round

  • Portland defeated Seattle (2-0)
  • Denver defeated Phoenix (2-1)

Eastern Conference semifinals

  • Philadelphia defeated New York (4-0)
  • Milwaukee defeated Boston (4-0)

Western Conference semifinals

  • Los Angeles Lakers defeated Portland (4-1)
  • San Antonio defeated Denver (4-1)

Eastern Conference finals

  • Philadelphia defeated Milwaukee (4-1)

Western Conference finals

  • Los Angeles Lakers defeated San Antonio (4-2)

NBA Finals

  • Philadelphia defeated Los Angeles Lakers (4-0)

Season Leaders

  • Points: Alex English, Denver Nuggets (28.4)
  • Assists: Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers (9.1)
  • Rebounds: Moses Malone, Philadelphia 76ers (15.3)
  • Steals: Micheal Ray Richardson, Golden State Warriors/New Jersey Nets (2.84)
  • Blocks: Tree Rollins, Atlanta Hawks (4.29)
  • Field Goal Percentage: Artis Gilmore, Chicago Bulls (62.6%)
  • Free Throw Percentage: Calvin Murphy, Houston Rockets (92.0%)
  • Three-Point Percentage: Mike Dunleavy, San Antonio Spurs (34.5%)

Award Winners

  • Most Valuable Player: Moses Malone, Philadelphia 76ers
  • Rookie of the Year: Terry Cummings, San Diego Clippers
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Sidney Moncrief, Milwaukee Bucks
  • Sixth Man of the Year: Bobby Jones, Philadelphia 76ers
  • Coach of the Year: Don Nelson, Milwaukee Bucks
  • All-Star Game MVP: Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers
  • Finals MVP: Moses Malone, Philadelphia 76ers


Q: Who were the key players for the Philadelphia 76ers during the 1982-83 season?
A: The key players for the 76ers were Moses Malone, Julius Erving, and Bobby Jones. Malone won the MVP award and provided consistency inside the paint, while Erving showcased his skills as both an All-Star and NBA Finals MVP. Bobby Jones’s contributions off the bench earned him the Sixth Man of the Year award.

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Q: How did the Philadelphia 76ers perform in the playoffs during the 1982-83 season?
A: The 76ers were dominant in the playoffs, sweeping both the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference rounds. In the NBA Finals, they faced the Los Angeles Lakers, who were missing key players due to injuries. The 76ers successfully swept the Lakers and secured their first championship since 1967.

Q: Who were the award winners during the 1982-83 season?
A: The award winners for the 1982-83 season included Moses Malone as the Most Valuable Player, Terry Cummings as the Rookie of the Year, Sidney Moncrief as the Defensive Player of the Year, Bobby Jones as the Sixth Man of the Year, Don Nelson as the Coach of the Year, Julius Erving as the All-Star Game MVP, and Moses Malone as the Finals MVP.


The 1982-83 season was a memorable one for the Philadelphia 76ers, as they secured their first championship in over a decade. Led by Moses Malone, Julius Erving, and a strong supporting cast, the 76ers dominated the regular season, winning 65 games. In the playoffs, they swept through the Eastern Conference rounds and faced the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. Despite the Lakers’ injuries, the 76ers proved their dominance, sweeping the series and bringing the championship back to Philadelphia. This season will forever be remembered as a defining moment in the franchise’s history.

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