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Night Driving for All Ages

How well do you see at night?  Transitioning your driving from daytime to nighttime can be challenging, especially during the winter months, where bad weather conditions can complicate matters.  In addition, as we age, our reaction time begins to slow down and our vision starts to deteriorate.  These factors can lead to problems while driving at night and many people are substantially put at increased risk.

 Here are a few helpful hints for driving at night.

  • Make sure your headlights are on at least one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise.
  • Increase your distance between other vehicles on the road and allow more time when stopping.
  • Stay alert, if you are drowsy or tired, do not drive.
  • If you feel that your vision is not what it should be, don’t take chances – get an eye examination.
  • Lastly, have your exterior lights and headlights checked often.  Sun, weather conditions and the environment can cloud your headlights, reducing their efficiency. This makes it harder to see at night while driving your car.

Also, the headlight lenses on many cars today fade over time, which reduces your ability to see clearly at night.  If your lenses are cloudy, please visit your Service Technician. In many cases, the headlight lenses can be polished and repaired, saving you the expense of replacement headlight assemblies.


New headlights can cost $150.00 to over $500.00 each, but there’s great news!  In most cases, we can restore your headlights using special “Simonize” compounds by carefully polishing the headlights back to their original luster!  We at Osceola Garage provide this service to our customers for only $39.95.  Schedule your headlight restoration today and see clearer tonight!  Contact us for details or make your appointment today!



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