Thursday, 23 May 2024

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the Support for the All-Star Game

The NBA has been facing criticism for its decision to hold the All-Star Game in Atlanta due to the ongoing pandemic. However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver believes that the overwhelming support from fans and the economic impact are valid reasons to proceed with the event.

According to Silver, the fact that approximately 100 million votes were cast by fans for All-Star starters demonstrates the global interest in the game. The league did not want to disappoint its passionate followers who eagerly awaited the midseason showcase. Despite the shortened voting period, the engagement from fans remained consistent.

Players have raised concerns about the necessity and risks associated with hosting the game during a pandemic. To mitigate these risks, the league has implemented strict protocols, including private flights for players, one-night hotel stays, and daily testing. Furthermore, all outside All-Star events have been canceled.

The NBA is known for its global reach, and the All-Star Game is no exception. It will be broadcast in over 200 countries and translated into about 40 languages. The league anticipates over 1 billion video views on social media from the events on March 7.

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Silver acknowledged the financial implications of the decision. The league missed revenue projections last season by approximately $1.5 billion, and this season’s revenues will also be significantly impacted due to fewer games and limited fan attendance. Many individuals rely on the NBA for their livelihoods, emphasizing the economic importance of the game.

The commissioner emphasized that the health and safety of players and everyone involved is paramount. The NBA has experience operating in a bubble environment, and a mini-bubble will be established in Atlanta to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Silver remains optimistic about the season’s progress. He expressed satisfaction with the protocols in place and the league’s ability to adapt as necessary.

In terms of expansion, Silver believes it will happen eventually but provided no specific timeline. The focus currently is on navigating through the pandemic and ensuring the NBA’s operations return to normalcy.

With the fan support and economic considerations in mind, the NBA remains committed to providing an entertaining All-Star Game while prioritizing the health and safety of all involved.


Q: Why is the NBA holding the All-Star Game despite the ongoing pandemic?

A: The NBA is proceeding with the All-Star Game due to overwhelming support from fans and the economic impact. The league received approximately 100 million votes from fans, indicating a strong desire to see the game played. Additionally, the NBA recognizes the financial implications for the league and the many individuals whose livelihoods depend on its operations.

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Q: How is the NBA addressing the risks associated with the All-Star Game?

A: The NBA has implemented strict protocols to minimize risks. Players will be flown into Atlanta privately, stay in a hotel for one night, play the game on March 7, and immediately return to their respective teams. Daily testing will continue, and all outside All-Star events have been canceled.

Q: What measures has the NBA taken to ensure the season’s progress amid the pandemic?

A: The NBA has successfully played approximately 95% of its scheduled games in the first half of the season. The league anticipated game postponements and has continuously evolved its health and safety protocols. These protocols have proven effective, allowing the season to progress as planned.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver defends the decision to hold the All-Star Game in Atlanta, highlighting the immense fan support and economic considerations. Despite concerns from players, the NBA aims to provide an entertaining event while prioritizing health and safety through stringent protocols. The league recognizes the global interest in the game and the financial impact it has on various stakeholders. With an emphasis on adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic, the NBA remains committed to delivering a successful All-Star Game experience.