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Snow Fall in Putnam and Westchester County

Snow and Ice on WindsheildClear Your Windshield of Ice and Snow

Winter is here, and if you park your car outside, your car is prone to ice build-up on the windshield, especially overnight. Ice will freeze your wiper to the windshield and may even freeze the mechanical linkage that operates the wiper blades. Before attempting to turn on the wiper, fully warm up the car with the defrosters on and clear the ice from the windshield and the wiper blades. Insure that the wiper blades are not stuck to the windshield by physically moving the wiper blades to insure they are free. Also, never turn on the wipers to remove snow from the windshield. Always clear the snow first. Snow can be heavy and if the wipers and linkage are frozen in place, this can damage the linkage and wiper motor, leaving you with a potentially expensive repair. Lastly, top off your windshield washer fluid often and keep a spare gallon of washer fluid in the trunk.

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