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Team Barry wins Clorox Rising Stars, Cade Cunningham named MVP

Rookies Cade Cunningham and Franz Wagner showcased their skills in the final of the Clorox Rising Stars at All-Star 2022, leading Team Barry to a thrilling 25-20 victory over Team Isiah. Cunningham’s clutch 3-pointer gave Team Barry a 24-20 lead, and Wagner sealed the win with a free throw after a back-door cut. Cunningham’s outstanding performance earned him the title of Rising Stars MVP, with a total of 18 points, seven rebounds, nine assists, two steals, and two blocks in Team Barry’s two wins.

Tournament Format

This year, the Clorox Rising Stars featured a new format with four teams consisting of rookies, sophomores, and players from the NBA G League Ignite team. The tournament consisted of three games, with the semifinals played to 50 points and the final played to 25 points.

In the first semifinal, Team Isiah defeated Team Worthy in a close game, with Desmond Bane securing the win for Team Isiah with clutch free throws. Jalen Green led Team Worthy with an impressive 20-point performance. The second semifinal saw Team Barry triumph over Team Payton, thanks to a game-winning drive from Jae’Sean Tate.

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Clorox Clutch Challenge

During the Rising Stars event, Desmond Bane and Tyrese Haliburton won the Clorox Clutch Challenge by making iconic shots from NBA playoff history. Bane and Haliburton completed the challenge in 39.1 seconds, beating their opponents’ time by a significant margin.

Clorox Rising Stars Rosters

The rosters for the Clorox Rising Stars were determined through a player pool draft conducted by 75th Anniversary Team members and Rising Stars coaches, including Rick Barry, Gary Payton, Isiah Thomas, and James Worthy.


Q: How did Team Barry win the Clorox Rising Stars tournament?
A: Team Barry emerged victorious in the final of the Clorox Rising Stars, defeating Team Isiah with a score of 25-20. Rookies Cade Cunningham and Franz Wagner played pivotal roles in their team’s success.

Q: Who was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Clorox Rising Stars?
A: Cade Cunningham, a rookie from the Detroit Pistons, earned the title of Rising Stars MVP. He showcased his skills throughout the tournament, contributing significantly to Team Barry’s wins.

Q: How was the Clorox Clutch Challenge won?
A: Tyrese Haliburton and Desmond Bane emerged victorious in the Clorox Clutch Challenge by successfully making five different iconic shots from NBA playoff history in a short amount of time.


The Clorox Rising Stars tournament showcased the talents of up-and-coming NBA players. Team Barry, led by MVP Cade Cunningham, secured a thrilling victory over Team Isiah in the final. The tournament’s new format, featuring four teams and multiple rounds, provided an exciting platform for rookies and sophomores to exhibit their skills. The Clorox Clutch Challenge added an extra element of excitement, with Tyrese Haliburton and Desmond Bane emerging as the victorious duo. Overall, the Clorox Rising Stars event proved to be a captivating showcase of young talent in the NBA.

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