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Top 3 Things Every College Student Needs Before Leaving Home

College can be a scary word. As parents, we spend the first 18 years of our children’s life planning for milestone after milestone; walking, talking, riding a bike, starting school, going to middle school, then high school. College is the last sign of their pre-adult life and one of the last opportunities to prepare them for what’s to come. Whether in state or across the country, it’s a turning point for our child’s independence; the calls will come a little less, and the gaps between visits are heart-wrenching. One of the biggest obstacles we face is caring for our students from afar and keeping them safe.

Here are our Top 3 Things Every College Student Needs before leaving home.

Squeeze in that last doctor-wellness visit.

Measles are on the rise among other illnesses; make sure your student receives any boosters, flu shots, any vaccines they’ll need before going away. College students, especially first-year students are at increased risk of getting sick. Whether it’s from so many people in a confined space, or because the laws of “not-sharing” go out the window in dorms. It’s like sending your child to school for the first time all over again. If possible, order an extra insurance card for your student in case they need to visit any clinics while away.

Recon the area your student is moving into.

Where is the local drugstore, grocery store, restaurants, pizza places, and quick food spots? Are they within walking distance and in a safe location? Help your student navigate the area, and it will help them overcome any jitters they may have about being on their own.Bonus: consider monthly deliveries of the usual supplies, like cleaning items, shampoo, snacks, pens, etc. with an Amazon student account. They’ll appreciate the safety net, and you’ll get the satisfaction of still being able to care for them, while they’re away.

Plan for transportation.

If your student is taking their car to school, plan for safe parking areas, preferably with plenty of lighting. Discuss the best routes for common driving locations they’ll need.  Consider using a navigational app like Waze that shows real time traffic and detours, and allows you to send your “drive” to a connected friend, so they know where you are. One of the scariest experiences for a student or adult is having car trouble in an unfamiliar place where family or friends may not be close by. It sparks a feeling of fear and helplessness; who do you call? What are you going to do?  As a parent you can help your student avoid this fear by having a plan in place, one that includes a roadside emergency kit, how to pull off safely, who to call and notify, and an emergency roadside assistance plan.

Parent’s you’ve done a great job bringing your student to this point in their life. Hat’s off to you because we know it hasn’t been easy. Sending your student off to college may be one of the hardest milestones yet, but they still need you. Life is full of hurdles and tough decisions, and now is a great opportunity to start including them on “adult-life” choices, like why you choose Osceola Garage over a dozen other options. It could have been our great pricing (like our back to school maintenance package) and excellent customer service, or that we stand behind every service we perform with our Life Protection Guarantee and our free nationwide roadside assistance. Whatever your reasoning, we appreciate you joining our family, and look forward to servicing the next generation of Putnam and Westchester County.

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