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Using Size to Your Advantage in Basketball

Basketball is a sport that no longer favors only the tallest players. In the past, the game was dominated by big individuals who could overpower their opponents in the post. However, times have changed, and basketball has evolved. Now, smaller players have more opportunities to compete and succeed.

Guards Can Use Skill and Speed

Perimeter players, despite being shorter or lighter, can still achieve great success on the basketball court. A great shot, ball-handling skills, and passing abilities can make a significant impact. While taller players may have a better view of the floor, being lower to the ground often means improved ball-handling prowess and more creative passing options. Many examples exist of shorter players who have excelled in the sport using their skill and speed.

Post Players Aren’t Going Anywhere

Although being an undersized baller is more feasible now, post-play remains an important aspect of the game. Height and size can still be intimidating factors on the court. While being somewhere in-between in terms of size may limit certain advantages, a well-rounded skill set can enable players to match up with multiple positions.

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Q: How can smaller players succeed in basketball?
A: Smaller players can excel in basketball by developing strong shooting skills, improving ball-handling abilities, and utilizing their speed and agility to their advantage on the court.

Q: Is post-play still important in basketball?
A: Yes, post-play remains a significant aspect of the game. Having height or size can provide an advantage in terms of rim protection and imposing physicality on opponents.

Q: Can players with average size succeed in basketball?
A: Players with average size can still find success in basketball by developing a well-rounded skill set that allows them to adapt to different positions and playstyles.


Basketball is no longer limited to the tallest individuals. The game has evolved, offering opportunities for players of all sizes. Smaller players can succeed by honing their shooting, ball-handling, and passing skills. Post-play remains vital, as height and size can be advantageous on the court. The Basketball Movement provides an ideal environment for players of all sizes to maximize their potential and enhance their game. Contact us today to take your basketball skills to the next level.

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