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We Are United – Coach AJ Green


Welcome to the world of basketball where dedication, growth, and teamwork come together. In this article, we will delve into the journey of AJ Green, a prominent figure in The Basketball Movement, as he takes on the role of Assistant Coach for We Are United. AJ’s commitment to the players and his passion for the game make him an invaluable asset to the team. Join us as we explore AJ Green’s responsibilities, his insights on the team’s progress, and the impact of the We Are United program on young athletes.

AJ Green: A Trainer Stepping Up

AJ Green, a long-standing trainer at The Basketball Movement, has embraced a new challenge as Assistant Coach for We Are United. While his role has expanded, AJ remains dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the players. “I’m here to make sure these guys are taken care of,” AJ states. His selfless commitment to the team is one of the key reasons he was chosen as Assistant Coach.

Building a Strong Foundation

According to AJ Green, the team has made significant strides since its inception. He highlights the growth not only as basketball players but also as individuals. “We have already seen improvements in these boys as players and as young men,” AJ shares. He looks forward to witnessing their progress as the season officially begins.

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Embracing Diversity and Growth

We Are United brings together individuals with various backgrounds and personalities. AJ Green believes that the players and coaches will learn and grow from each other, ultimately becoming a well-coordinated unit. “I’m excited to see the growth of the team and witness the transformation from where they start to where they finish,” AJ expresses. The shared values and philosophies of The Basketball Movement foster a culture of growth and development.

Beyond Basketball

The impact of We Are United extends beyond the basketball court. AJ Green emphasizes that their focus is not solely on the sport but also on nurturing mature young men and women. As the players transition to other coaches and eventually to the real world, they aim to instill valuable life skills. “We want people to see more mature individuals,” AJ affirms. The mission of We Are United shines through Assistant Coach AJ Green, leaving a lasting imprint on the team and its players.

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Q: What is AJ Green’s role in We Are United?
A: AJ Green serves as the Assistant Coach for We Are United, bringing his expertise and dedication to the team’s success.

Q: How has the team grown under AJ Green’s guidance?
A: AJ Green has witnessed significant growth in the players both as basketball athletes and as young men. He looks forward to seeing their continued progress.

Q: What is the broader purpose of We Are United?
A: We Are United aims to develop not only basketball skills but also life skills, preparing the players for success beyond the court.

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In this article, we explored the journey of AJ Green, a dedicated trainer turned Assistant Coach for We Are United. AJ’s unwavering commitment to the players and their growth sets the foundation for success. The team has already shown remarkable progress and is poised to exceed expectations. We Are United not only focuses on basketball excellence but also on shaping individuals into mature and resilient young men and women. Stay connected for more exciting updates on We Are United and the world of hoops. Join us on this transformative journey.

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