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We Are United – Coach Sly Yanders

The anticipation is finally over – the first season of We Are United hoops is here, and the team is well-prepared. One person who deserves credit for their readiness is Associate Head Coach Sylvester “Sly” Yanders.

Coach Sly is eager to face tough competition but not at the expense of the present. Like everyone at The Basketball Movement, Sly values the process and takes pleasure in witnessing players grow both on and off the court.

“We can provide lifelong relationships as these guys develop as friends and teammates,” says Sly. “We can truly see a team forming. They arrived here as individuals, but we’re starting to see their talent as a unit.”

The players dedicate six days a week to their training, often having two practice sessions a day. They work on shooting, strength training, and, of course, their academics. “We hold them accountable on the court just as we do with their studies,” Yanders asserts. “These guys aren’t accustomed to being on their own, and we are ensuring they take responsibility.”

Yanders emphasizes that this ongoing accountability is meant to prepare the players not only for their future basketball endeavors but also for life beyond the sport. “The skills we develop will benefit them on their next team,” he explains. “We want to guarantee that our players have a positive impact on their teams.”

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Building mental toughness has always been a priority for Coach Sly, and he praises his brother, Head Coach Rob Yanders, as an unparalleled skill trainer.

“Rob has gone above and beyond to prepare these guys for any challenges they may face,” expresses Sly. “His focus on skill development is proven. He can transform players who are committed to improvement – that is no secret.”

A recurring theme when speaking with the We Are United coaching staff is their commitment to excellence. “Making it through our program means you’re ready to thrive at a university,” states Sly. “You’re prepared for anything.”

To stay updated on the upcoming events, check out the We Are United schedule here. Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement for more exclusive insights.


Q: What is the main focus of the We Are United basketball program?
A: The We Are United basketball program emphasizes the holistic development of its players, fostering lifelong relationships, and creating a cohesive team that excels on and off the court.

Q: How often do the players train with the coaching staff?
A: The players train six days a week, often having two practice sessions per day. This rigorous training routine helps them enhance their skills in shooting, physical conditioning, and academics.

Q: What is the goal of Coach Sly Yanders’ emphasis on mental toughness?
A: Coach Sly Yanders believes that building mental toughness is crucial for success, not only in basketball but also in life. By instilling mental resilience in his players, he aims to prepare them for any challenges they may face both on and off the court.

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The We Are United basketball program, led by Associate Head Coach Sly Yanders, is ready to make a mark in their inaugural season. With a focus on holistic development, lifelong relationships, and mental toughness, the coaching staff prepares the players for success on and off the court. Under the guidance of Coach Sly and his brother, Head Coach Rob Yanders, the team undergoes rigorous training six days a week, ensuring they are accountable in both their athletic pursuits and academics. The commitment to excellence from the coaching staff fosters a united and talented team, ready to take on any challenge. Stay updated on the team’s journey by checking out the We Are United schedule and following The Basketball Movement.

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