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Another Rising Star from Milwaukee Joins We Are United

We Are United prep has made another power move by recruiting John Lovelace Jr., a promising 6’7″ combo forward from Milwaukee. Thanks to his strong connections in the city, Robert Yanders has successfully added Lovelace to the team, which is now gearing up for an exciting season. As classes commence and intense practices intensify, We Are United is shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with, especially with talented players like Lovelace leading the way.

Lovelace is adjusting well to his new environment, with classes progressing smoothly despite the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic. On the court, he is constantly honing his skills and gaining confidence. Lovelace is working diligently to find his rhythm, mastering his signature moves, and consistently scoring from his preferred spots on the court. His dedication and potential are evident, fostering dreams of a professional basketball career, which he shared in a recent interview with The Basketball Movement.

Beyond the court, Lovelace praises Coach Yanders for his holistic approach to training, instilling valuable life skills alongside basketball techniques. With his all-around development and natural talent, Lovelace has a bright future ahead. Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement for more exciting updates on We Are United prep.

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Q: How tall is John Lovelace Jr.?
A: John Lovelace Jr. stands at an impressive height of 6’7″.

Q: What position does he play?
A: Lovelace is a versatile player, excelling as a combo forward.

Q: What is We Are United prep known for?
A: We Are United prep is renowned for its comprehensive training program, developing both exceptional basketball skills and character.

Q: What are Lovelace’s aspirations for his basketball career?
A: John Lovelace Jr. dreams of playing basketball professionally and is actively working towards his goal.


We Are United has added another talented player to their roster with the acquisition of John Lovelace Jr., a 6’7″ combo forward from Milwaukee. Lovelace’s transition to We Are United has been smooth, both in the classroom and on the court. With a strong work ethic and remarkable skills, he aspires to go far in the world of basketball. Under the guidance of Coach Yanders, Lovelace is not only improving as a player but also developing into a well-rounded individual. Stay tuned to The Basketball Movement for more exciting updates on We Are United prep. Visit for the latest news and developments in the world of basketball.

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