Monday, 22 Jul 2024

We Are United Prep – Sincere Malone: Taking His Game to the Next Level

**Chicago native, 6’8 Sincere Malone, has made the decision to commit to playing post-grad hoops with We Are United Prep**. Currently holding offers from Chicago State and Southern U., Malone is determined to elevate his game to new heights. We Are United Prep, led by Robert Yanders, offers a unique opportunity for Malone to rapidly improve his skills and reach his full potential.

When reflecting on his high school experience, Malone expressed disappointment with the lack of atmosphere due to restricted attendance. However, after visiting We Are United, Malone was captivated by the family-like environment and instantly knew it was the right fit for him:

“It feels like home. I’m excited to be a part of a program that will foster my growth as a player,” Malone shared.

Sincere Malone

At We Are United and The Basketball Movement, development, teamwork, and a strong sense of community are paramount. Malone’s commitment to personal growth is evident, as he has already expressed his admiration for the rigorous workouts led by Coach Yanders. Yanders’ renowned discipline and expertise will undoubtedly push Malone to new levels of performance and success.

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As Malone looks to the future, he aims to focus on improving his athleticism, shooting, rebounding, and off-ball skills. We Are United, in partnership with The Basketball Movement, will provide the perfect platform for him to enhance every aspect of his game.

Stay tuned as we continue to showcase more talented players committed to We Are United. For the latest updates on player news and more, keep it locked to The Basketball Movement.

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