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Wearing Your Seatbelt

Why you should use seatbelts, even if your car has air bags

Frau mit Sicherheitsgurt in einem Auto

Seat belts save lives. That’s a fact. The number of injuries caused by not wearing seats belts is in the tens of thousands each year.  As a vehicle collision examiner, I can tell you first hand that wearing seat belts lowers the chance of sustaining a serious injury, even at lower speeds.  In the event of an accident, a split second before the crash occurs; the seat belt locks you in the correct position to prepare your body for the deployment of the air bag. This function greatly increases your chances of surviving or sustaining major injuries.  The rapid deceleration of the vehicle triggers the seat belt mechanism to keep you secured in your seat. On some cars, the seat belt will actually pull you back into your seat a split second before the air bag deploys.   Be safe on the road, obey the rules of the road and wear your seat belt.

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