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What Champion Nuggets Must Do to Return to NBA Finals

The Denver Nuggets are basking in the glory of their first NBA championship win, but the question on everyone’s mind is whether they can make it back to the big stage. Coach Michael Malone has made it clear that one championship isn’t enough for the team, stating, “We want more.”

Realistically, returning to the NBA Finals won’t be easy when there have been five different champions in the last five seasons. However, the Nuggets are determined to stay on top. They understand that their explosive offense grabs headlines, but it was their defense that won them the championship. Coach Malone’s consistent demand for maximum focus and effort on the defensive end paid off, and he will continue to push the team to excel defensively.

Keeping the core group together will be crucial for the Nuggets’ success. They have built a team with defensive versatility, and re-signing key players like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Bruce Brown, and Jeff Green is essential. Brown, in particular, has proven to be a valuable asset off the bench, providing scoring and energy.

The next steps for the Nuggets involve the growth and development of their key players. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. have dealt with injuries in the past, but they are determined to come back stronger next season. Porter’s struggles as a shooter in the NBA Finals forced him to impact the game in other ways, showcasing his versatility. With continued growth and the return of their athleticism, Murray and Porter will be key contributors in the Nuggets’ quest for another title.

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In summary, the Denver Nuggets have the potential to return to the NBA Finals if they stay focused on defense, retain their core group, and continue the growth of their key players. With determination and hard work, they can achieve their goal of winning multiple championships in the future.


Q: How did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA championship?

A: The Denver Nuggets won the NBA championship by emphasizing their defense and maintaining maximum focus and effort on that end of the court. Despite being known for their explosive offense, it was their defensive performance that secured the title.

Q: Which players are crucial for the Nuggets to re-sign?

A: The Nuggets must prioritize re-signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Bruce Brown, and Jeff Green. These players contribute to the team’s defensive versatility and provide valuable support to stars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray.

Q: How can the Nuggets continue their success in the future?

A: The Nuggets’ success in the future hinges on the growth and development of key players like Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. They have dealt with injuries but are determined to come back even stronger. Additionally, retaining their defensive focus and maintaining a cohesive roster will be essential.


The Denver Nuggets are celebrating their first NBA championship win, but their sights are already set on the future. Coach Michael Malone and his team are determined to return to the NBA Finals and win more championships. The keys to their success include maintaining their defensive focus, retaining key players, and continuing the growth and development of their stars. With their dedication and perseverance, the Nuggets have a bright future ahead as they strive for greatness on the basketball court.

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