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2021-22 Season Preview: Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are gearing up for the 2021-22 season with high hopes and some key challenges. Reigning MVP Nikola Jokic is working hard to build on his impressive performance last season. However, the team will have to cope with the absence of Jamal Murray, who is recovering from a torn ACL. In his absence, the Nuggets will rely on players like Michael Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon to step up and contribute more. The team has also focused on maintaining continuity by re-signing key players like Will Barton and bringing in experienced veteran Jeff Green.


The biggest question for the Nuggets is who will step up to fill the void left by Murray’s absence. Murray was a key contributor, averaging 21.2 points per game before his injury. The team is hoping that a combination of players like Barton, Porter, and Gordon can collectively replicate Murray’s production. Barton, who has been with the team the longest, has had a full offseason to recover from injury and is expected to play a bigger role. Porter Jr. showed great promise last season after Murray’s injury, averaging 23.2 points per game. As for Gordon, his scoring output is expected to increase this season.

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Despite the challenges they face, the Nuggets are confident in their ability to contend for a title. The team has prioritized bringing back their own free agents, showing their belief in the core group. With Jokic leading the way and players like Porter Jr. expected to make strides in their development, the Nuggets are poised to finish among the top teams in the Western Conference. Last season, the team proved they could compete without Murray, and expectations are even higher for the upcoming season. The Nuggets are predicted to finish with a record of 50-32.


  • Monte Morris: A solid veteran who takes care of the ball and provides shooting from beyond the arc.
  • Will Barton: Expected to have a resurgent season after a healthy offseason.
  • Michael Porter Jr.: A rising star who is a favorite for the Most Improved Player Award.
  • Aaron Gordon: An athletic contributor on offense and a defensive anchor.
  • Nikola Jokic: The playmaking center who will need to increase his production even further.


  • Facundo Campazzo: A gritty defender who gained valuable experience as a starter last season.
  • JaMychal Green: A versatile veteran who can provide scoring and range from deep off the bench.
  • Jeff Green: A new addition who brings defensive versatility and lineup options for the Nuggets.


Here’s how the Nuggets have performed statistically over the last five seasons:

Season W L Win pct. OffRtg Rank DefRtg Rank NetRtg Rank
2020-21 47 25 .653 116.3 6 111.5 11 +4.8 6
2019-20 46 27 .630 112.6 5 110.4 16 +2.2 11
2018-19 54 28 .659 112.1 7 108.1 10 +4.0 8
2017-18 46 36 .561 111.4 6 110.0 23 +1.4 11
2016-17 40 42 .488 112.2 4 111.7 29 0.4 13
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(OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions, DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions, NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions)


A key stat to consider is the impact of Nikola Jokic on the Nuggets’ offensive efficiency. The team scored 16.8 more points per 100 possessions with Jokic on the floor compared to when he was off the floor. This significant differential highlights Jokic’s importance to the team’s success.

In conclusion, the Denver Nuggets are entering the 2021-22 season with high expectations and the belief that they can contend for a title. They will need players like Michael Porter Jr. and Aaron Gordon to step up in the absence of Jamal Murray. With Jokic leading the way and a talented supporting cast, the Nuggets are poised to finish among the top teams in the Western Conference. Be sure to catch their games and see how they perform this season.