Thursday, 23 May 2024

Big Weekend at The Basketball Movement

The Basketball Movement has always been a hub for player development, but this past weekend was truly special. It felt like a culmination of all the hard work and dedication that has been poured into our facility. From college signings to prep athletes showcasing their skills, there were plenty of exciting moments to celebrate.

Saturday Clinic: A Great Start to the Weekend

To kick off the weekend, we had our highly anticipated Saturday Clinic. It’s always a joy to see the gym filled with young, enthusiastic athletes who are eager to improve and have fun. This clinic sets a positive tone for the rest of the weekend.

Celebrating College Signings

One of the highlights of the weekend was the official college signings of Jonatan Dunn and Sincere Malone. Both athletes, who have played with Yanders Law and are currently part of We Are United prep, had their moment to shine as they signed their commitment papers. It was a proud moment for us to witness their achievements and emphasize the unity we strive for within our facility.

We Are United’s First Home Game

Another exciting event was We Are United prep’s first-ever home game against Link Year prep. Not only did they come away with a victory, but they did it with a balanced attack that showcased their team’s skill and coordination. Dunn, Malone, and John Lovelace Jr. all scored over 20 points, while the rest of the team contributed in various ways. You can find the highlights on We Are United’s Instagram page.

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Continuous Improvement

Throughout the weekend, individual and group workouts took place, allowing players to hone their skills and improve their game. These sessions serve as the icing on the cake and further highlight the dedication and passion that exist within The Basketball Movement.

In conclusion, this past weekend was a testament to the hard work and commitment of everyone involved with The Basketball Movement. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to sharing more updates from the basketball Mecca of the Midwest!


Q: What events took place at The Basketball Movement this weekend?
A: This weekend, The Basketball Movement hosted a Saturday Clinic, official college signings for Jonatan Dunn and Sincere Malone, and We Are United prep’s first home game against Link Year prep.

Q: Who were the standout performers at We Are United’s home game?
A: Jonatan Dunn, Sincere Malone, and John Lovelace Jr. all had impressive performances, scoring over 20 points each. The entire team showed great teamwork and contributed in various ways.

Q: What kind of workouts were conducted during the weekend?
A: Individual and group workouts were held, providing players with opportunities to improve their skills and enhance their game.


The Basketball Movement had an eventful and successful weekend, with a wide range of activities and achievements. From the Saturday Clinic to college signings and an impressive home game by We Are United prep, there was no shortage of excitement. The dedication and unity within the facility were evident, and players had the opportunity to showcase their skills and make great strides in their development. The Basketball Movement is committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment for players to grow and excel in the game of basketball. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting events from the basketball Mecca of the Midwest! Don’t forget to visit for more information and to stay connected with us.

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