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Definition of elite — The Basketball Movement

The Basketball Movement recently announced the first-ever Rob Yanders Elite Guard Camp, designed to enhance existing skills for guards aspiring to achieve an elite level of play. But what does it truly mean to be elite?

According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, being elite refers to belonging to a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities compared to the rest of a group or society. It doesn’t mean being the best; rather, it means standing out from your peers as superior, both in terms of advanced basketball skills and the necessary mentality to maintain and expand upon your status.

At The Basketball Movement, not every player that walks through our gym doors is expected to be elite, but we do encourage the hunger to become elite. We value the intrinsic drive to improve oneself and surpass peers on the court. However, we also recognize that not everyone arrives at our camps already at an elite level. Improvement is a journey that requires commitment, hard work, and the desire to be elite.

Through larger-scale events like the Rob Yanders Elite Guard Camp, we aim to identify players with the right mentality, although it may not be possible to evaluate every single player individually. Nevertheless, even those who may not stand out initially have the opportunity for drastic improvement as long as they maintain the desire to be elite.

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At The Basketball Movement, our primary focus is on player and personal growth and development. We strive to provide an environment where everyone can become better, even if they don’t reach elite status.

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