Monday, 24 Jun 2024

Edge Sports International Collaborates with The Basketball Movement

Edge Sports International, Inc., a renowned sports marketing and management firm based in Chicago, Illinois, is partnering with The Basketball Movement to further elevate the sport. As an elite sports management and marketing group, Edge Sports represents professional athletes globally, offering an array of services such as contract negotiation, business advisory, and marketing. Their extensive experience is evident, having represented five NBA players last season, in addition to numerous others in the NBA G-League and international leagues.

The collaboration between Edge Sports and The Basketball Movement is set to bring a wave of talented players to Southwest Missouri. This exciting partnership aims to provide athletes with unique and professional quality workouts, helping them refine their skills and reach new heights in their careers.

Giving Players “The Edge”

Edge Sports is committed to giving their athletes a competitive advantage in the industry. With a strong focus on marketing and contract negotiation, they go the extra mile to ensure their players are consistently improving. When asked about the importance of constant growth, Senior Vice President Sam Cipriano emphasized that players in today’s game need to be versatile and highly skilled. Each off-season, Edge Sports works with their clients to add new dimensions to their game.

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The Basketball Movement’s Involvement

Deonte Burton, an Edge Sports client, has been training with The Basketball Movement for some time and will continue to do so. The collaboration between these two entities aims to provide a platform for players to enhance their skills through professional-quality workouts. With approximately 13 NBA Summer League players joining the program, Edge Sports recognizes the value of The Basketball Movement’s personalized and efficient training methods.

The players coming to The Basketball Movement come from diverse backgrounds, including American players with international experience, NBA rookies, and foreign athletes. This collaboration promises exciting developments in the world of basketball.

Stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing partnership between The Basketball Movement and Edge Sports International. To learn more about Edge Sports, visit their Twitter page @Edge_Sports. For all things related to The Basketball Movement, you’re already in the right place. For inquiries, feel free to contact Sam at [email protected].

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